Mortuarial Avshy – Arcano Ente Nocturno (2020)

Mortuarial Avshy
Release date: September 2nd, 2020
Label: Black Candles Prod.

With the exploding Black Metal scene in the country here is a release that came out last year and wanted to expose this band even more as this release is fucking smashing, could of easily made my list of top 20.

This ritual is just a blessing as it has so much feeling to it from the eerie intro Enter!! The Lord of Fateful Domains this blast right into Satan Rides Under the Sign of the Midnight, and this has these great screams in the beginning and the vocals are the screeching type and excellent on here as far as the music goes you get all the good shit here, blasting drums and even a breakdown that adds flare to the track and the spoken part as well and the way the acoustic guitar comes in at the end really drove my mind what this band had produced here.

And for an all out assault Necrotica Ascendencia, this track will crush you as it shows the band has the killer instinct as well, only thing I noticed here the production got a bit to blurred but still rules, Lunar Suicide Act, well here the beginning is dark and slow but then burst into chaos as all cylinders are pushed and a killer break that added to this as they go into another frenzy, a bit different then before but pure black metal no doubt.

So we reach the halfway point and The Horrific Shadows of My Throne is a sweet instrumental as they add the acoustic guitar and is heard mostly through it but near the end the band goes off and it really made this stand out I really liked this composition, and we get back into it on Under the Ruins, this gave me that old school feel by the riffage spewed here, this is heavy as fuck! not really on the fast part but one of those tracks that will stick in your head mainly because of the riffs and has a great punch.

Walking Through the Dismal Path of Obscurity is the longest track on here and its your typical black metal track, has this really cool hook to it as it goes on and halfway in it gets even more deeper as it slows down and you feel the darkness creep in, then a pyschotic vibe leads us out as it goes straight into The Rising Dying Light which like a continuation of the previous, and this has a hell of a heavy pounding feel to it, this is some brutal shit that destroys!

Blackwinds of Pandemic, to finish the ritual off, here the vocals really stood out and the track is one of those that build up as it goes and ends just as your getting into it if you know what I mean.

Only thing that I wish this would be put out on cd as it was released on tape and only 100 copies, which is probably sold out by now.

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