Mortis – EP (2018)

Release date:October 5, 2018

Here we have a new Death Metal band from Concepcion and this hasn’t been officially released yet as I got contacted by a friend and asked me if I would put this up on my channel, so I did and when I first heard it I figured it was some guy singing then I seen a video and was surprised a female was singing and playing bass.

This has six tracks of pure kick ass shit that runs about 20 min, and I had to listen to this a few times to really hear what was going on here and it got better with each listen as the band sounds like a veteran band instead of new, really tight with dueling leads and fast paced drumming all in good with really grotesque vocals to add to the punch, reminded me a bit of Suffocation at times.Sons of Bitch and Venganza are the two that stand out for me but this has something for everybody into death metal.

Not a bad release that should put the band on the scene once they get this out so will see as they have no social media page but I think one should be out soon once physical copies are available.

(some live footage from the bands channel)

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