Mortal Whisper – (Rehearsal 2016)

Mortal Whisper
Release date:March 9, 2016

This is a young band I been looking into,they say their a Heavy Metal band yes they basically are on their first demo but this new rehearsal they have a added a lot of speed to their music and after this they need to be heard,these two tracks will be on a up coming EP.

Two tracks here Mortal Whisper / Demoness,of the two Demoness is the stronger cut,the only thing that makes this Heavy Metal are Jose Tapia’s vocals but the music speaks for itself.Mortal Whisper just a crushing beginning to this the only part it slows down is when the vocals come in and dueling leads which is always a plus,the production on here is very good for a rehearsal you can hear the bass cracking on here,excellent!
Demoness as I said is the more aggressive track and man does this kick ass,if doesn’t move you I don’t know what will a pure throwback to the old days forsure that left me wanting more.

Both these track are available at their Bandcamp page.


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