Morbid Reich – An Endless Heretic Advocacy (2018)

Morbid Reich
Release date:January 24th, 2018

So here we have the band’s first EP of some very interesting black metal as we have five tracks of some very deep material that will get you if you are into this type of music, the band is a two piece outfit that delivers a good punch.

Intro starts this off and from here I got a real good feeling I was in for something new as when the vocals of Oor Nephilim came in you could feel the music take its own direction and the guitar work of Walpurgis is something to be heard.

The journey continues as Where Do the Gods Hide? and here you get some interesting sounds as they even have bells that fit in well as the sound drives it slows down to a whole level that brings more character to the track with some excellent lead thrown in to make this stand out as it fades away.

When Light Turns Forever Black, here the band sounds more aggressive but the organ in the beginning gives you this feeling of being in a church but that’s it as this one is really one of my favorite tracks on here as you can hear the band going off with some ultra fast riffs that will slay you,Those Who Rotted the Soil has the the same or even more than the previous when it comes to an all out bashing of your mind as it rips from start to finish even the break in the song makes it even heavier,another outstanding track.

Consummatum Est,closes this out and it’s just an instrumental that brings you down from the bashing the previous track laid on you, so all is good.

In closing I will say this took me a few listens to really get the feel of what the band is trying to get through to and it’s very good once you get that feeling, so I would recommend it with no can get this as a free download on their Bandcamp page and the Russian label Narcoleptica Productions is releasing this in physical format very soon. (In time of writing)

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