Morbid Holocaust – Atmospheric Armageddon (2018)

Morbid Holocaust
Release date:May 14th, 2018
Label:Apocalyptic Productions

Morbid Holocaust has been around since 2010 and this is the first full length by this one man black/thrash project, it was actually released last year on tape format but Apocalyptic Productions has finally giving it a solid release.

This opens up with Transcendence, a spoken instrumental done by IX of the russian band Black Goat which surprised me because I figured this would come out with everything ablazing but it sets the mood for what’s to come.

And yes right after this the second track comes out from what I was used to all out speed with that fast picking guitar that reminds me of old school Agressor, so it really got my blood going but man it gets better as I’m My Own Reincarnation comes on and this track I love as the lyrics are killer just as the track, this one is my favorite at this point.

As this goes on it keeps steaming along with some killer tracks that should please anybody that’s into this style of metal,the production on here is very good as all the instruments can be heard nothing to polished up but it’s good.they all have a deep feeling which you can tell by the lyrics as they blend in well,as this came to the final track this one is a bit different than the rest it has this distorted bass line to start it off but then it gets kind of strange but you have to read the lyrics to really know what’s going on here but it really sums up the recording,one thing I don’t get is why on the cd this track was split into two pieces as it’s just the outro to the song.

In closing this is a pretty good release that made me glad I got and the wait was worth it.You can check out the whole release below.


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