Misticismo ‎– Streams Of Timeless Nothingness (2019)

Release date: April 27th, 2019
Label: Grim Records

This two piece raw black metal act pretty much impressed me with their debut album from last year so I knew what to expect what was coming with this new EP.

And from the opening track Absorbed by the Pentacle you get that same vibe this band is known for by now so no disappointment a crushing sound that got the mood ready for the next one and Mirrored Silver Moon to me is the gem of a track with the opening yell it goes into a chaotic fizzle of lunacy as the band just goes off on this one and the normal voice yelling adds to the song and the ending is an acoustic guitar that fits in well with the sounds of hell in the background,fucking excellent!

Saturnian Confinement is another all out bashing track as it gots these killer riffs that stick to your mind and just gets you right into it a true headbanger and to close this out Sea of the Horned Serpent and what a way to end this,this track smokes as it’s a bit different the rest as it starts with this dark bass and guitar intro before going off in it’s usual with many different tempos but very enjoyable til the end.

From hearing this it’s about time some label picks this band up as they have proven they got there sound and it’s something more people out there will like as everything I read about this band is positive so good luck to them.

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