Mevak – Destroy Your Enemies (2016)

Release date:June 11, 2016

Here is another new thrash band that just released their first demo,and here we have four tracks of pure headbanging pleasure for your skull.

It starts out with Intro (Mosh on Hell),and I must say this is some pretty solid shit right from the start then the break that takes off as the this killer growl comes in and sets the mode for the rest of the track,the vocals are sick as fuck very dirty sounding which really adds to their sound,excellent opener,next is the title track Destroy Your Enemies,which has this crunchy riffage but then it explodes into a driver of a track and you gotta love the raw production on here as the drums really standout and it gives you a feeling you’re right there,this was meant to be played loud!this really is a killer track all the way through a perfect crusher. Chaos Around Me,starts out with a heavy bassline then the drums, but then all hell breaks loose as the rest of the band join in, then halfway through there is a bass part that really added flavor to this one,so far so good.and on to the closer We are Fort,another one with the bass opening,and this one is a bit different in the beginning but it really gets good at the end after another bass part then we have some really crunchy part that I thought was perfect as it really made this one out for me.

This is really good offering for this young band,the mix on the production could of been a bit better as sometimes you might hear something being drowned out,but it really doesn’t matter because it gives it a more of a live effect,like I said play it loud!

By the way check out their Bandcamp page to get this for free and the lyrics are there as well and they add to the pleasure.


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