Metastasis – The Essence That Precedes Death (2015)

Release date:May 15th, 2015
Label:Apocalyptic Productions

As i had mentioned in an earlier post that this band had been around since 2006 and here we finally get their first full length and the wait was well worth it, some serious Old School Death/Thrash.
We start out with Vengeance a great opener solid ripping leads and puts you in the vein of whats to come,Transition to Hate crunchy riffing to start this one, then right into some blasting but then slowing down again and back the aggression is there.The title track The Essence That Precedes Death right in the gut no fucking around on this one as you would expect up next Circle of Fools this one reminds me a lot of Pentagram by the arrangement and the drumming on here really stands out,probably the slowest track but not bad.Dark Mountain Vision gets back to the speed again but near the end we get this break but no harm as it all fits in well.Bringers of Fear another that starts slow but gets heavier then has a tempo change during the middle but heads back with a leads on here that are ferocious, one of the best tracks.Corpse Profaners gotta love this one just grabs you from the start an all well written composition, up next Blackened Omen another with that roller-coaster vibe very catchy well enough to please anybody into this genre and to close out Spectrums of War as most of the previous tracks it’s got it’s ups and downs and it all combines well to finish this great debut.

I would recommend this to anybody that loves old Pentagram,Pestilence,Death,etc. and Gabriel Quinteros vocals are just perfect and the dueling guitar work on here is right up my alley I love it!

Get this as only 200 copies were pressed on cd here at their label Apocalyptic Productions and also at Dans Crypt Recs

Here is some footage from a gig earlier this year.

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