Metalcoholicnight – Demo MMXXII (2022)

Release date: February 28th, 2022
Label: Independent

So, some obscure Black/Thrash Metal, as this duo is based in New Zealand but both members are Chilean, as I researched, I found out this is their second demo and has 4 tracks of some promising sounds.

Nuke the world starts this out and has an intro before it goes into action and at first, it’s kind of slow but it explodes after as it rips and shows the part of the band we were hoping for as it has all the goods in it, the vocals are just right as well as the speed. Bored of living is on the same track but its short and goes straight into Sheltered by the dark and this track has a little more to offer as it rides through, and another side of the band comes out as by saying the sound and it shows they can do more as the closer Aberración which is probably their best on here as this shreds with some great riffs all over the place and a solid pounding through the whole thing.

I see promise in the band as they have some good ideas put into this demo, so I hope to hear more in the future.


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