Mayhemic – No Life (2018)

Release date:September 11, 2018
Label:Evil Steel Records/Punishment Records

Mayhemic is more than expected with a year of great year of releases so far, Helmuth who runs Evil Steel Records announces he just signed this band from Santiago, and man did he hit a jackpot, this is Thrash as good as it gets these days, total old school German sound written all over it, this could of been released back in the day and would of crushed the scene.

It’s only three tracks of pure enjoyment as it’s only a little over ten minutes, from the opening riff of Beyond Hell this is off to the races as the other two Burn The Cross and Mayhemic possess the same formula ripping leads and great vocals, the speed it’s all there in full glory.

This to me at this point has got to be the best demo released so far this year as far as the Chilean scene goes,if your into more recent bands like Deathhammer (Nor) you will love this, below is a flyer containing more info on getting this, in closing gotta say I can’t wait to hear more from this band because this left me craving for more.

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