Massacre – 30 años de Thrash Metal (2016)

Author:Maximiliano Sánchez
Publisher:Ajiaco Ediciones

Massacre needs no introduction as they are the first Thrash Metal band from Chile and also the first band to use this name and this book is basically their biography and I wanted to know the roots of the scene and here you get everything as it takes you on a long interesting trip.This is written in spanish unfortunately for you foreign readers.

Yanko Tolic is the mastermind behind the band and here you get quotes from him and other members of the band and people that had something to do with the band at some point in time which made this a good read, lots of photos that go along with the story.

I’ll share a few parts like in the beginning as the country was still under Pinochet, it was very hard getting the movement going and they played anywhere where someone would have them and as they were the only thrash band around that meant being put on gigs with bands that played just rock and their shows were never finished with something going wrong, with the crowds going crazy that their set would be cut by the venue and many other reasons you’ll read in here.

The part where they get into the occult is very interesting on the effects it had on the band good and bad, but this takes you along with the band on their trips to Brazil,Uruguay and Argentina to do shows and covers basically all their recordings and what went on while making them and other strange stories are in here like the time Yanko was beaten by the police for no reason and lucked out when one of them was a rocker and let him go before any worse happened to him.

But it’s such a good read showing how all the hell they went through, then finally making a scene in Chile and making shows totally metal in that time as other bands started popping up all over and it also covers the insight on the members they had to go through in all the years as Yanko and Eduardo “Lalo” Vidal were the main base throughout the whole thing, and even the part when Lalo was let go is in here and the reason but all is good now as he is in the band again.

I’m glad I picked this up while in Chile this taught me on how the scene I was never a part of grew as I’m old enough to have been there but wasn’t, I highly recommend this as it’s well written the author really put his heart and soul into this and the final product is perfect. Never say die! is all I can say about Massacre this left me with pure respect for them. Cheers!

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