Martillo Austral – Inexistent Throne (2021)

Martillo Austral
Release date: November 26th, 2021
Label: Independent

I got this in from the band the other day and I was eager to hear what they have come up as I follow their material from the start, they have gotten a bad rap and being labeled NSBM from a few but the band has always denied it.

And on this release, it shows that they are trying something new with their sound as there are only five tracks and the first two, Mechanical Wings and Scorched Souls have a new feel that has never been offered by the band before, the black element is there but not as raw as in the past, it took me a couple of listens to get it.

The Flock is a long one and at the beginning you hear keyboards, and it goes on for a bit until the track takes a darker direction as the vocals made this for me and its interesting as it being long. Letters of Ghouls is an instrumental that has its own feel to it as it is mostly piano and then Pleading to the Void closes this out and the only track that comes in at full force, with some great elements spread all over it, it brought this to great close.

This was a big surprise because it sounds nothing like their previous work and now looking at the cover it even shows, this took me a few listens as being a fan of old material for me to appreciate what is being handed out.
Have an open mind if you liked this band before.

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