Maleficio – Metal Bastardo (2011)

Release date:2011

Some Black/Speed Metal not much known on what happened with this (band/project) as I got this promo from the now defunct blog
Chilean Metal back in the day and have always wondered what became of this.
Nothing new here but it got my attention with these 3 tracks, The opener Metal Bastardo sets the mood on what this is all about, some good crunchy riffing and your usual dirty vocals,up next a cover of Bulldozer’s Whisky Time which does the song justice but the closer Malleus Maleficarum is the best track on here which left me wanting for more,shows what this band had potential of,but I wish they would of added some leads to the original compositions then the songs would of been even better.
If anybody knows what happened or did this band change their name let me know,thanks.

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