Letal Cross – Maldita Nación (2015)

Letal Cross
Release Date:December 31, 2015

So we start the new year with this thrash band’s first demo but you might say “oh another one of those” but remember this is Chilean thrash and by now you should know what to expect,I heard a track “Hijos de la Oscuridad” (Sons of Darkness) they released earlier last year that left me wanting to hear more so the band contacted me and left me with this new demo.4 tracks here,this is sung in spanish but it doesn’t matter,get over it.

Falsa Mirada (False Look) starts this and the lyrics are basically about being fucked over by somebody but let’s get to the music,we get these evil growls in the beginning with this pounding riff and then it breaks into another more speedy riff as the vocals come in,you gotta checkout the pounding double bass drums going off during this time but then in the end it gets really good when the lead comes in, that took this track to another level for me, a very good opener.Sueños Torturados (Tortured Dreams) hell yeah! this one is true neck breaker and with a title like that what would you expect this rips from start to finish,with this catchy kinda metal/punk hook that pounds with every beat and then a minor break as the lead comes in and then out of nowhere it just ends,very good shit I must say,then we get the remake of Hijos de la Oscuridad (Sons of Darkness) I must say this version is just as good as the first and this should please anybody that takes thrash metal seriously, a very well written track that just grabs you with lyrics of total destruction as well,this has old school written all over it.Maldita Nación (Damn Nation) the title track,I guess this is about Chile as they see it but this could be about any country these days with all it’s bullshit but anyhow this has this great scream in the beginning that grabs you,the playing on here is something else,a very furious track and the vocals really shine on this one as well,a great closer.

What can I say this is great way to start the new year with this demo from this new three piece from Santiago,I have nothing bad to say about this as everything on here is perfect from the production to the songs each one has a different vibe but all have that intensity to them you have to hear.the band is giving this demo out for download on their bandcamp page just click the player below and also give them a like on Facebook

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