Kratherion – Apostol De La Sempiterna Miseria (2019)

Release date: August 26th, 2019
Label: Arte Pagano

Well I finally got to hear this opus in its entirety and the wait was worth it as this is as powerful as most that heard it told me and I needed to hear it, Kratherion have been around for quite some time now this being their third full length.

The opener Kristos Kataproctos is a fast and short that gets to the point with its blasphemous lyrics a great opener as we go into Gas ritual de muerte incandescente and this keeps up the pace with full hatred in mind, the band really stands out here as you can hear the full force as these guys are playing their asses off as this track should be with that kind of a title leading the way to your death!

Things get even more interesting on El trono del ojo macabro as this starts out different but then goes into a frenzy of madness as this shreds in its own special way as it has some killer riffage throughout the track as it has this great feeling to it, straight forward with its own special touch, La máscara de la muerte roja is another interesting one as we get the usual blast beat parts but there is a break here when just the bass is heard and it sounds great to hear it by its self and after goes into a chaotic feel not heard of to this point in the album but they go back to the pounding in the end a really good one to me ear.

So on to Procesión al cadalso which if you like blasphemous lyrics in your music then this one should feed your need with the drum beat that sets the mood on what is coming this one goes all out after that it crushes no doubt and will say the drummer in this band is a maniac! this guy is an all out beast through this whole album as we sink into the title track Apóstol de sempiterna miseria and this is out to kill from its fast paced beginning as it floors you in the beginning as the pace slows down just a bit but believe me it is still heavy as fuck as this is a long track but it has that right punch and with this feeling that it makes you wonder where its going as it has a ton of curves to it as it ends with this hard pounding slow chaotic sounding feel to it as it fades away.

Consagración del libido por la muerte y la fatalidad, hell I thought things might be changing as this one starts out with the bass line but fuck this goes back into the mayhem right after, this smokes with all cylinders a blazing, and here the vocals really add even more flare to this track as this really kicked my ass I love how this was arranged with a killer guitar sound coming in and just kills at the end the band is off the wall here fucking excellent! and oh man does it even get better on Alma envenenada as no punches held back here the lyrics are just the way I like them here a full out fuck off! to Christianity and it shreds this is some powerful shit here, even this killer break where the guitar is heard going off, this will please your ass believe me, as we go to the closer Hoy será un gran día para inmolarse and to fuckers like me this is perfect to close this out this delivers everything the band has showed on the this release this is just an all out kill on your brain the perfect closer.

The only regret about this release is that its very hard to find an actual physical copy and they have been gone for quite awhile now, I can’t believe this is on Spotify so as soon as I seen that I ripped it and put it on my channel. Check it out below.

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