Invocation – The Mastery of the Unseen (2018)

Release date:September 17th, 2018
Label:Iron Bonehead Productions

This has been out for awhile now since writing this and actually when I saw the tracks I remembered I have heard them before as they were on a promo tape the band released a while back so it was nothing really that new but for the rest of the world it was.

These two tracks are in the same crushing direction the band has been going, some pleasurable Black/Death Metal with that signature sound they have been unleashing since their start. Sense of Premonition (vocals,guitar) really stands out on both tracks and those demonic growls of his really bring more life to the music.

This is a good small fix for fans of the band, let’s just see what comes next.

There’s no light, only pure hypnotic darkness!!

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