Invocation Spells – Descendent The Black Throne (2015)

Invocation Spells
Release date:March 15th, 2015
Label:Metal Command Records

Here is the second offering by this Black/Thrash band that released their first Unholy Blasphemies in 2014 and made a huge impact in the underground,On here we pick up where the last one left us with pure crushing mayhem that would make the forefathers of this genre very proud,The Betrayal of Bastard starts this off with kinda old Bathory riff but after that it burst into what this band has been known to offer, a great opener.Lust to Death another one that just keeps this album flowing through your mind.The Black Rite,Occult and Under the Shadows of Pentagram keep this rolling with nothing but pure aggression that will keep the listener hooked,One thing I should mention is that this band has no leads but it doesn’t matter in this case because the tracks are so heavy that you won’t even notice, and if you read my other reviews, I love leads but this is an exception.The Revenge of the Serpents,Descendent the Black Throne,The End of Time finish this opus out and I can’t really pic a favorite track as they all have a certain aspect to them, a very good follow up that left me wanting to hear more just like the rest.

I highly recommend this and even try to pick up the first one it’s just as good and the production is just as good for this style, no polished up shit here!

*In time of writing this I hear Hellheadbangers has picked up the band and on Dec.11,2015 this will be put out worldwide which is great news for everybody because this is a band that must be heard.

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