Invocation – Attunement to Death (2020)

Release date: February 21st, 2020
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

So the wait is over, I say that because I will admit I have followed this band since the beginning and always knew they would do some damage on their journey and this new EP is a pure smasher as it got me on the first spin.

As they have their trademark sound and on this has gone to a different level and it shows after this little opener Oppression we get down to business as Flying Ointments comes in and you hear the band going off as good as ever, this track has all the goods you would want if you know what I mean, the crushing riffage they deliver is all there so were off to a trip as the vocals of Sense of Premonition are there for the calling. the pounding on here is to tear your ass off!

Divine Transition is up next and the long track but fuck man. I love how these tracks come in on here, they just fade in to the groove but into it this is a headbanger of a track the pounding of the drums and the riffage oh my is this shit good and with its macabre sounding part it comes out to get you, a sure brain crusher of a track! I fuckin love it.

But it gets better than ever on The First Mirror as this is pure punishment at full tilt as here we get a flare that the band is out to kill! excellent vocals and sick as fuck and the music has a bit of everything good all the different tempos on here are fucking killer! one of the best tracks on here.

So we go onto the track The Officiants which was circulating around since the news of this release was mentioned and from the first hear you knew what to expect, this rules! by no account it delivers and shows what the band was going to deliver us and it was right to the point! So we go onto this closer Secret Tongues and this is to me my favorite track as everything the band wants to put in your brain is here that hypnotic sound they deliver is at its full glory the pounding parts on here just brought this so energizing feel to it that it brought this whole thing to a fantastic end a hell of a release!

Do I recommend, hell yeah! one of the best releases of the year that needs to be spread worldwide, these fuckers know what they are doing so get out there and support.

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