Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal (2015)


Invincible Force
Release date:March 10th, 2015
Label:Dark Descent Records

After following this band for a few years now,I was surprised on that they have changed their sound like their earlier material was more thrash based they have taken more black/death/thrash on this opus.

Rise the Wrath of Satan starts this off with a pure right in your face effort great opener,Scraps of the Dead another catchy song in the same vein as opener,Necromance is one of those tracks that starts right to the point then brings you back down to earth as for Summoning the Black Destruction this one takes you up and down a very well written track.Desolation stands out to the vocals being so mean and aggressive something you need to hear to understand and next comes Onwards to War my favorite track on here just a catchy riff nothing new but it gets me moving as well as Bringers of Armageddon another excellenet track with leads which is something this album is lacking unfortunately so we end with Unholy Trinity a very good closer to this debut only wish they would of put more leads in their songs and this would of been an even better release.

On 5/26/2015 The band announced that Carlos “Holocaust” Falcon (Bass/Vocals) and has been with the band since 2007 had quit and his replacement will be Cristian Contreras (Evil Madness)

As you might or not know most of these musicians in Chile play for different bands and I hope the best for these two because their both top notch acts.

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