Insurrexión – Insurrexión (2021)

Release date: December 14th, 2021
Label: Lapis Lazuli

A late comer from last year, as the band call themselves Astral Metal of Death with a pinch of black, this is one of the best releases I heard as this is supposed to be a full length. it only consists of four tracks but the sound this beast of a band delivers got my blood flowing as these guys take it to another level you could say.

Each track here has its own life to it, the vocals are sung in Spanish, but all come across with different tones at parts they fit well, El eco de la voz, the third track on here really has an interesting feel as the bass opens it up but then blast into a frenzy of chaos.

This isn’t your typical release as it is really out there but if you appreciate great musicianship give your ears a taste of this, as the flyer says “Not for Everybody” A cd version will be out soon on Sinistrari Records.

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