Inoxidable – La Voladora (2022)

Release date: March 25th, 2022
Label: ThreeMetal Forces Distro

The second full length from this Heavy/Thrash Metal outfit, so I came in with an open mind to review this as these guys are well known in Chile.

And the Intro is like a Sabbathish sounding piece which is ok by me, but it takes a whole different turn as it goes into the title track La Voladora, as this is heavier, and I really dug the lyrics to this as well and some excellent lead in here as well as the solid drive delivered.

And the pounding continues on Subyugados with lots of crunchy riffage spilled all over it and the vocal range is just right, Parásitos is the track that has stuck to my head from all the times I listened to it probably from lyrical content pure fuck off! to the parasites of life.

Athrathrao (El basilisco) more on the heavy side when it starts but gets driving quick and brings all the good the band has given throughout the release and even a breakdown which is on the doomy side, but they throw in this ripping lead that takes is to another dimension. Fuego y metal is more om chanting side of things like an anthem you could say different from the rest but good for what it is and that is basically it as Outro closes the studio tracks on here, this is an instrumental with this heavy riff being played and then a lead comes in to give it more character, but it’s not over.

Two live tracks El brujo and Chicha y metal are added as bonus tracks, and the first of the two is pretty sick as it has this grotesque feeling it and the production is goo sounds like they took it off the soundboard, the last one is full of aggression is all I can say a good closer to all of this.

An album that I enjoy more each time I listen to but there is not much on this release on the net so I only posted what I found.


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