Infernal Slaughter – Spilling Blood and Hate (2015)

Infernal Slaughter
Release date:May 26th, 2015
Label:Pacto Records

Infernal Slaughter have been around since 1997 with only a few demos released until this full length and what a debut this is pure Thrash Metal as it should be done, I won’t get into detail about every track on here because none of them are boring but Nocturnal Desecrator and Looking in the Eyes of Christ are pure standouts. Black Sodomy is probably the slowest track on here just because it opens slow but rips afterwards.

The musicianship on here is just as perfect, D.I.W.D.(Vocals) sometimes remind me of Sheepdog (McLaren) a bit and great screams as well, on the last track Called by the Devil we have backing vocals by Torrid (Perversor), chorus by Abominable (Perversor).

If your into thrash like Razor or even Merciless (SWE) I would really suggest you look into this,there isn’t much info on this band on the net and I doubt there will be but I would contact Pacto Records and try to get a copy because what I am hearing is this is selling well in the underground and as you know these are limited pressings, I gave this 10/10 because it’s that good and right now this tops my extreme list for the year.

This is the opening track if you like this it gets even better after this.

Here is some live footage from a recent gig when they opened for Metalucifer.

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