In Nomine / Devil’s Poison – Acid Love…Acid Fuck…Acid Rock n Roll! / Venenum Diaboli (2021)

In Nomine / Devil’s Poison
Release date: December 26th, 2021
Label: Street Metal Blasphemy

A serious split from these two hordes of chaos, both consisting of speed metal with a little black as well.

Devil’s Poison opens this up and most the material they have on here consist of some of the singles they have put out lately and in good fashion, if you follow the band this is a worthy release and both bands swap covers of each other.

In Nomine, has a little more to add to the release as the band states this is the new direction they are taking, and it showed a bit on their last album but on these tracks, they really come out at you.

A great split as both bands show what they have to deliver, and Devil’s Poison have a new one coming out later this year so be prepared.

In Nomine
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Devil’s Poison
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