Igler – EP1 (2021)

Release date: October 8th, 2021
Label: Independent

Well here is something I stumbled across and see there isn’t much on this band as they only released another EP a few years ago and that consisted of black metal covers and now on here it looks like they finally found their own sound.

This consist of three instrumental tracks and now they are more death metal and the opener shows it, From the Dephts Death Stalks is a very catchy number with some good hooks in it but what really got me was the tone of the lead guitar which just made this stand out and left me wanting more.

Soul Eater has this really dark feeling to it as this might come in a little doomy at times but its got this great haunting feel to it and a bit long too which is just fine, Carnifex closes this out and a bit more upbeat on the tempo to start and has some hard driving rides here and there, which ended this on a high note.

All I can say is this is good for what it is, lots of potential here as shows in all the tracks so anybody knows more about this band leave info in the comments section.

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