Henosis – Unleash the Ophidian Essence from the Reverse of Creation (2016)

Release date:August 2016
Label:Apocalyptic Productions

Was looking forward to this release since their Apotheosis Pulsio CLVI EP from 2014 left me wanting to hear more,this band goes under the black metal label but there is a lot of death metal elements as well that they blend together very well.

And from the start Eyeless God Gnosis starts this off with a tight uprising tempo that leads up to the band exploding with aggression and this is a long track that you will hear a combination of excellent riffs,a really good opener that keeps me interested on what’s to come.The Red Key,is more straight in your face from the start but it does have these great tempo changes and the lead adds to the track being one of the best on here.Macrocosmic Invertion,is the shortest track on here and it’s a solid one with pure blasphemy to add with some great lyrics to make it even stronger.Communion with Forbidden Darkness is one of the longer tracks on here,coming in at a little over 8 minutes,there is a lot of different changes and the opening riff really grabbed me,this might take the listener a few spins to really get the whole feeling and you can hear how this band knows what they are doing as they blend all this in very well and fades away with this killer sound.Incognoscible Force,this is the track that really will grab anybody that’s into this genre,from its pounding intro to when it really starts to rip your ass apart,it got me from the first listen a true fist pounder here,hail to “The Fire”.Promethean Salvation,closes this out and man it just crushes from the very start and then we get some mid tempo stuff thrown in as this track has a lot of changes as well but it doesn’t really take away anything from how heavy this is,gotta love the way the end just fades away into oblivion.

Henosis sure does deliver on this follow up as this took me a few listens to really appreciate what is going on here and in the end I would say that this is a treat,a band that has a lot to give and should get noticed more after this.


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