Hellish – Theurgist’s Spell (2015)

Release date:August 8th, 2015
Label:Evil Steel Records

Hellish has been around since 2010 and have a few releases and this is their latest EP, 4 tracks of pure old school crushing thrash that reminds me kind of Kreator in their early stages,Necromancer (vocals,bass) has that kind of tone on here,if you listened to the “Witch” (2014) this picks up where that left off.

Total Darkness starts this off with cool intro that then goes right into it, then this killer break with the bass pops right out then into this shredding lead that will leave you floored,by the way the vocals on here are perfect easily to understand and the production is perfect dirty and raw.Silent Night the shortest track on here caught my ear on how sick the vocals are on this whole thing and the pounding groove this has to offer,some might say this sounds like something already done of course it has but who cares as long as it has that right formula and it works that’s fine with me.The Arrival of Satan is an instrumental that left me wishing I could see this band live,such a driving force these guys bring to the table,a blistering track indeed that took me back to the old days of thrash.Assassin Mind as the rest total hell on this one but I love you can here the bass rattling on this one a good closer.

I have no complains on this one and I’m glad I got to hear it before the year ends,all I hope for in 2016 from this band is a full length studio album because these short offerings leave me wanting more.


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