Hellbutcher – Condemnatus Tormentum (2016)

Release date:June 2016

Strange that this band has been around for 10 years or more and how it’s only managed one EP and several demos,probably due that they sing in spanish,only had one track on their Ritual Desecration Ep that was in english,but that shouldn’t take away anything this band has to offer,by the way they play black/death/thrash metal.

As this is a demo this only has four tracks on it with an intro and outro but onto the music,Oscuro Placer de Muerte (Dark Pleasure of Death),opens this up with a old school Tom Araya scream and the band shows it knows how to deliver,there is plenty of everything on here that if you are into genre you will love,it’s nothing new but it’s excellent for what it is,the pounding continues on El Horror (The Horror) which takes it up a notch with the speed and an excellent lead on here that gave it more of a live feeling to the recording to me,Speed Death is an instrumental and it’s sweet one indeed as it has a few tempo changes but they are all extreme and that’s why this is a crusher as even the bass pops up for a bit before slaying again,and to finish off with Cementerio de Almas (Cemetery of Souls),with the familiar death tune at the beginning in a brutal way,this goes right into it and keeps up until near the end when a short break comes in and then another one of those screams like from the beginning to close this bit of chaos out.

This has got to be one of my favorite demos this year by far,everything on here is perfect,production wise and so on,only hope that is the band gets noticed outside of Chile and somebody puts out their older stuff even better a full length.the band has made a Facebook page,the link is below.


The whole demo

Some live footage proshot.

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