Goatzied – Hueste Encabrizada (2015 EP)

Release date:April 20th, 2015
Label:Veins Full of Wrath

Been meaning to do a review on this three piece band for a while now so here it is finally,Goatzied are a Black/Death band this is their first EP and quite a good one in deed,Triumphant Command of the Iron Thunder starts this off which is an evil sounding opener with a sick growl and the guitar work that shows what is to come.A Horned Fullmoon Equinox comes in with a blast of full energy that gets better as it goes,gotta love the sick vocals Vlad Malcolm von Lestat does on here and the ending on here will remind you of a certain old Slayer song.From the next track Condor Acorazado on this release takes on a new level and in a good way,not that the previous tracks were weak or anything just that the riffing just got even better and the arrangements of the tracks When Pure Black Blood Covers the Pentagram is just an example.

This is a very good EP that has a lot to offer to the listener,pure evil hard hitting right to the point! This is for anybody that likes that old school sound as it’s all over this release,8 titles on here and the production is perfect! Hopefully we get a full length in the near future as this band has what it takes to breakout into the worldwide underground metal scene.

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