Füthan / Xalpen – La Eterna Noche (2021)

Füthan / Xalpen
Release date: August 20th, 2021
Label: Hereje Records

Here we have this split between two of the more obscure black metal bands on the scene with both contributing 3 tracks each and looks like the tracks where remastered for this as well, the intro is just that, an intro that is under Xalpen but soon it breaks into 1340 which was off their last studio album and the other two by the band as well (Tres Chamanes / Dark nights of winter) but these are some strong tracks that should please the listener if this your introduction to the band, great straight to the point black metal with a crushing sound that will destroy the weak, I personally been following the band since the start and they have gotten better with each release and it shows here.

Onto the other half by Füthan, this is the first time I ever heard of them, and they have a few releases and looks like all their material on here has never been released before. La Caida starts it off and with serious blast beats and some great vocals you know these guys are serious as the track has a lot of feel to it with tempo changes that give the listener different vibes as it goes a long, Extirpacion has this slow opening riff that gives it a different feel but not long as it goes full force soon after, but this has more feeling just on the way it is sung but its gut wrenching for sure as the band is going off in the background, Amuchura comes out like a storm the drums are absolutely on fire here and with some tempo changes throughout the whole thing and some chanting at the end gave this a whole new life as after the band just rides out full blast, a very good closer.

This is a worthwhile split that gives you a feel of both the bands, I recommend it if you can find it, the packaging is excellent as it comes in a 7-inch cardboard that folds out, a nice piece to have in your collection.

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