Fusilated – Preso En El Holocausto (2020)

Release Date: Sept.26 2020
Label: Independent

Something new Black Thrash from this young trio from Chillan, they released a full length earlier this year, you might want to check out but lets get to this demo.

Only two tracks and sung in Spanish and here we see the progress of the band you could say as both these tracks are powerful in all aspects as the first one Inconsecuencia goes for the throat right from the start, a real headbanger here and production sounds more thicker on here than on the album.

Preso En El Holocausto, now here is total killer this starts out fast as hell but there are some great hooks as it goes along, and it really gets good when it breaks down and the part the bass guitar shines on was really impressive and then returns to an all out assault to finish it off.

Excellent demo that shows the band growing in a positive way as both these tracks are well written.

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