Funeralis – Lvminis Serpens Caeremonia (2016)

Release date:May 6th, 2016
Label:Apocalyptic Productions

If you never heard of this band they play black metal and do it very well,and this album really is a gem when it comes down to this type of metal as there is so much going on throughout the whole thing,this isn’t your typical black metal this has a lot of thrash and death sounding parts in it as well.

I won’t get into every song because it’s just too hard to really describe these tracks you need to hear them for yourself and there is only one sung in english ( Altare Lvmine ) but it really doesn’t matter to be honest and out of all of them this has more of ritual feel to it than the rest.

To the reader, I say look around to hear more as I could only find the opener on their bandcamp,I seen some of the live footage and it really doesn’t do justice to the band at all,this album could’ve easily made my top list of last year.


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