Flesh Hunter and The Anal Assaulters / In Nomine (2016 Split)

Flesh Hunter and the Analassaulters / In Nomine
Release date:March 2016
Label:Rawforce Productions

Each band has a title for their side,Flesh Hunter and the Analassaulters (black,thrash) In Nomine (black,speed) and on here you get three new tracks from each band.

Flesh Hunter and The Anal Assaulters,I’m familiar with but have never done a review until now and better now than never and from the first track Altar of Fire I y II I could hear that the band hasn’t changed at all and still has that filthy sound to their music and this 7 minute plus track proves it,a full all out crushing from start to finish,Shoot if you have Gunpowder keeps this going in the same direction and the vocals on here are over the top and the drums are pounding you can hear that double bass going off and throw in a killer lead to the mix and it just keeps you pinned into this,very good track in all,God is the Devil,to close this side out this put the icing on the cake,it reminded me kind of an Ammit track due to the vocals but it has it’s own feel, which is good and with a title like this you should know what to expect and it just keeps getting heavier through the end,this should please anybody that’s into black,speed,thrash.

If you read my review of the In Nomine debut you might think this is the same thing well it’s not,here the band sings in spanish and it still has that same sound but the musicianship on here has improved.Portador de la Luz (Light Bearer),I really liked the way the intro here sounds,it has this atmospheric feel to it that leads to the band coming in at full force and satanic as always and the copyright sound they have on here from the beginning,this is a great opener as it brought a fresher sound from the band,Tribus de la Luna (Tribes of the Moon),is another one of those tracks that gets stronger as it goes,and the lyrics are great on here as well as this one has a really good ride throughout it all,Ratas de Mayhem (Rats of Mayhem) starts out with this Motorheadish riff that gets you into what the whole track drives on that left me with a grin on my face,of the three tracks this one is the more driving.

This is a great split that shows the band’s progress and I highly recommend it to those that have never heard of these bands,It should not be hard to purchase as Hells Headbangers carries Rawforce Productions material if not listed tell them to get it.

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