Faustian Spirit – Demo (2020)

Faustian Spirit
Release date: October 11th, 2020
Label: Independent

The first offering from this Black Metal unit, a three track demo with a very interesting sound.

As the first track Dissolution of the I, starts out with this keyboard intro it directly goes into chaos and the vocals are very enjoyable as they ain’t all over the place, with more feeling as it goes with a different tempo thrown in it got more interesting but it gets back into the grit as it goes on, A very enjoyable first track.

For me things really started getting better on Acausal Emanation as this comes in more on a heavier note with mid pace feel but after that a more faster feel drives in and the guitar on here sounds excellent! it has this great vibe to it, and near the end it gets even better as the riffage is so catchy and still insane but in its own special way.

Sinister Path breaks out with that old school feel to it and this one has a lot of flare to it as well the pounding is there for certain, but what I love on here is the guitar technics that are all over the place, and a great closer to this.

This has a lot of promise as you can hear these guys know what they are doing, something to look out for in the future no doubt.

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