Exanimatvm – Dispersae Et Tormentvm (2016)

Release date:June 18th, 2016
Label:Dunkelheit Produktionen

Exanimatvm have been around since 2013 and they are one serious death metal act, this first full length should put this band on the map as this release is one hell of a debut.if your into old school s.american death metal you need to give this band a listen.

La Apoteosis De Todos Los Horrores (The Apotheosis Of All Horrors) is an instrumental that starts this out with this eerie sounding ritual at the beginning and you can feel the build up as this goes along on to what is about to come as Vae Victis comes in with full fury and as throughout you will hear tempo changes but this track sets the mode and then we have Danza Impura (Impure Dance),and this one blast at you from the beginning and the tempo changes are heavy as fuck sounds like old Swedish death metal one of the best tracks on here so far,Dispersiones Y Tormento (Dispersions And Torment),some doomy riffage to start this off but then a full scale attack to crush your ass and the playing throughout this whole thing is excellent,it sure empressed the hell out of me,Exanimatvm,well if this doesn’t rattle your bones you might as well hang it up this is it all out assault on your ass,a pure rager from start to finish,even with it’s slow pace at the end it still delivers and sets up for Oscura Propagacion Del Linaje De Tons (Propagation Dark Lineage Tons),and oh man this is the track that blew me away for good,this one just shreds,my favorite on here but it gets better as Nocturnas Luminiscencias (Luminescent Night) comes in this killer riff that is really catchy ten in the middle the blast beat comes in that will leave you floored another excellent track of pure brutality!Abominabilis Conditio,the shortest track on here but with full satanic force behind it that rips,Shoort,ends this on a high note as there is no letting down throughout this whole track,an excellent closer.

I gave this a 10/10 because it’s what death metal should sound like to me and this album delivers it from start to finish,Demis Ferreira (Bass, Vocals) has the perfect vocals for this, pure evil as the whole band as well as you can hear how intense this band comes straight at you.one of the best so far this year.


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