Ecologist – Advance Demo MMXXI (2021)

Release date: February 6th, 2021
Label: Black Spark Records

Well after the first promising EP here we have the latest creation from V and this is a three track demo that you get when you buy the physical copy. and reading the liner notes all this is an upcoming preview of two albums that are in the process of coming out in the future.

And Desierto florido is a really excellent opener on here if you liked Las raíces que decaen on the first release this will take you back to that but here this has a lot of killer hooks, the Atmospheric side of things really shines on here and even when it slows down it grabs you as you can feel on whats being delivered if you know what this band is about.

At the Edge of the Evolutionary Cycle, has this really catching riff that rides for awhile but then the change comes in and this next part is even more interesting as it takes on a whole new course which really brought more pleasure to it and an excellent addition , so that ends these first two, both are instrumentals but might have a new life when they reappear.

On to Human Antimony, which is the bonus track you get if you purchase this, quite long coming in over 15 minutes long, and a whole different side of the band shows here as this is more intense and chaotic at times, really off the wall shit that will sound better when officially released as this is a rough mix compared to the other tracks.

A good preview of whats to come, so its waiting time for me, we might get the first one before the year is over, cheers!

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