Devotion – Far Beyond All Light (2018)

Release date: January 14th, 2018
Label: Old Rites Records / Mouth Of Madness Prds. (Tape)

I was stil listening regularly to Devotion‘s debut album (reviewed here) when all of the sudden and without any warning the band published their newest material, entitled Far Beyond All Light on their Bandcamp page. Needless to say that I went to check it out and I must say that the band didn’t dissapoint.

The first thing that you will probably notice after listening to this (or the previous album) is the notorious Dissection influence, and maybe even a little bit of Necrophobic (Darkside era) as well. But fortunately, Devotion does not fall into the “Dissection clone” category, mostly because they add a lot of the classic southamerican filthness and savagery to their compositions.

Something that really caught my attention on the previous album, and that is also present here, is the riffing. Devotion seems to have quite a unique talent to produce simple, powerful and catchy riffs that get immediately stuck in your head. Sometimes with a really cold Black Metal vibe (Below the Fiery Coven for example) and sometimes with an approach closer to the most savage Thrash Metal (Wolves of Nowhere). Also, they make a great use of clean guitars to create very some melodic yet eerie atmospheres. The drumming is fast, chaotic and relentless, the bass is not spectacular but adds that necessary dose of heavyness that every good Black Metal album needs, and the vocals resonate with murkiness spitting abhorrence to the light.

The album is composed of only 7 songs and 32 minutes of music. A little bit short for my taste, but like they say, it’s all killer, no filler. The standouts for me are Below the Fiery Coven, Deep Winter’s Suffering and the title track. At the moment the album is available on both tape and digital format, pending for the CD release, so if you are looking for some filthy southamerican Black Metal then go get a copy of this.

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Far Beyond All Light by Devotion

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