Detest – Sacred Revelation (2020)

Release date: December 8th, 2020
Label: Independent

So we here we have more Black Metal and as if you follow this site Chile has a great scene dedicated to the genre and Detest proves it here on their second full length.

As we get into it after a opening intro the band comes in with Divine Fragrance Smell and what a killer feel to this track as it blast right into to you as it might not be blasting as full tilt but the melody of how its put together is really killer and powerful as hell believe me it packs a powerful punch.

This is some really catchy shit and it shows on Descending to the Darkness of Infinity this being an instrumental it has a great drive as it ain’t black metal as most would expect but the way the band does this is superb as it is very catchy and that is what works, I really got into what the band is producing here and this track is heavy as fuck as it gets heavy as hell, I love it.

And back to the goods as Sacred Revelation, Time of Chaos will crush you, this track comes right at you with a gripping feel to it as the guitar part in here just rips then the band just goes off as the the rest of the track just has a great flow to it.

Under the Light of Omnipotent Fire is more of a motional track as the beginning is slow but it builds up and gets heavier and nothing wrong with that as it builds up and a great feel to it as it hit home, Pagan Blood is more on the heavy side as it opens up and I really liked the feeling this brings as it has a powerful edge to it as these guys are really going all out here a fucking killer track.

The band continues the onslaught on Possessed by the Eternal Fire as it has a great drive and the guitar tone on here really stands out and they do go off at a certain point and man does this kill, short and sweet as Interlude comes in and then Hatred Revenge and Death comes in and this has its own glory to it as it packs the punch I needed as the drive of pure insanity is delivered as I always love and this has it.

It ends with a bonus live track Demisteriis Laberinth of Death and it rips and shows the band has the goods to deliver even live, these guys crush and it is proven here.

This is killer shit! I dig what the band has spread to the underground, they might not be known to the masses but believe me these guys got what it takes.

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