Demolishing – The Fallen (2019)

Release date: October 1st, 2019
Label: No Mercy Reks

A band I heard about a few years ago as I picked up the last release Ascension and was wondering what happened to them but here we get this new one that the time off was worth it as this new EP is a gem.

Fuck! do where I even start with this as this is a step up from the last one, the opener A Bright Light Into the Abyss has a this great opening feel as it has a black and glorious feel to it, and oh man the production on here really makes this band stand out better than ever, I was knocked on my ass on how good this is the vocals have a pure spirit to it.

And then we break into Spiritual Offering, haha fuck man is this some headbashing lunacy, over the top as this will crush! even with the breaks it kills! I don’t care about the slower brakes on here because they add to the goodness of the track, a brilliant piece.

As we go on to Negative Paradigm, and what a beautiful piece this is as its long but a vibe that will just grab you as it has so much to offer as it has so much feeling to it as it just has a drive to it being a very long track, I was so impressed by this as it covers all the good things I was not expecting a classic in its own way, a gem of a track.

Fuck man is you think this couldn’t get any better then comes Final Prayer, which is brutal pounding as it has this over all feel to it as the band is purely out to kill, these awesome riffs that take you to a land unknown, it’s truly something you need to hear to appreciate.

So we end this brilliant slab with No Life Beyond Death and its as good as the whole thing heavy pounding in the beginning then we go off with the sick vocals we have been delivered through the whole thing and the brilliant vocals that add so much to this release, one of the longest tracks on here but a great closer.

A great piece any true fucker out there needs to get a true underground band,no social media what so ever take it from ECM this is the true only buy from the label or die!

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