Dekapited – Nacidos Del Odio (2015)


Release date:February 10th, 2015
Label:Suicide Records

This band started out in 2006 and I remember the day they contacted me on my YT channel and they told me to take down one of their earlier demos because they had changed their sound and it was one of the best moves they could have ever done from just being a regular retro thrash band.
So what they turned into is a fierce band that showed in their 2011 “Contra Iglesia y Estado” EP which got high approval by the underground community,I’ll be honest I’m not that big on Thrash Metal these days but this band has that Chilean Thrash sound that takes it to another level.
So onto this new album, I won’t get into every track on here but it’s a kick ass solid release,Anticristo being my favorite track on here but the whole album will please anybody that wants their ass kicked majorly from start to finish,I highly recommend this.


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