Deathwards – Towards Death (2018)

Release date:June 8th, 2018
Label:Invictus Productions

Here is a new death thrash band to hit the scene but with some veteran musicians like the vocalist is the ex guitarist from Communion and this demo is very impressive, with 4 original tracks and a Infernal Majesty cover.

Like I said very impressive cause they sound like they know what they are doing, this has everything that it takes, very powerful in all bases, the tracks are well structured that they will grab you as soon as you hear them.

A very old school sound is what you get here,if you like shit like old European thrash I would give this a shot, even the cover sounds excellent and the production is superb, I think will be hearing more about these guys in the near future, as they have a bit more of originality than most of the others on the scene, right now this could be one of the best demos of the year.

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