Darkness – Darkness (Compilation 2013)


Release date:2013
Label:Australis Records

Darkness was one of the earlier Thrash bands that came out with touch of Death in the vocals and only released one demo that is on here in it’s full glory, I been searching for this for ages since the tape trading days and finally and this cd is worth picking up just for that but what I really love about this release is the 2012 EP that starts this off.
First we have a remake of Under the Grave which sounds great with that modernized sound.Libertad is basically a political song with a very good message behind it and you can tell where the bands sound is going and it’s very catchy.Desterrado del Mundo probably my favorite track on here basically because it starts out fast then goes into this kinda phase that just takes you to another zone something that needs to be heard to be appreciated, Morvis Terrum Gets us back into the heavy shit were expecting all around great track,the guitar work on this EP is must very good stuff.Tempestad the closer of the EP is an 8+ min track that starts out slow and has a very distinguished sound that keeps your mind wondering whats next, nothing really thrashy till near the end but everything in between is superb.
I won’t get into the demo because that is mandatory if your into this band, don’t really know whats up with them at the moment because nothing new has came out since this release and their last live show was in 2014 so who knows what the future holds.

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