Culto a la Malevolencia – Spectant Nos Morte (2022)

Culto a la Malevolencia
Release date: August 2, 2022
Label: Independent

Hell it’s been a few years since I heard from this band from way up in Arica, so this their second EP which contains five tracks and from the start In Nomine Capra I could hear a difference that the band had taken a turn as far as the vocals are different now before they had two dudes going off on their debut as well as the lyrical content as it’s more out there than before but still this is punishing metal,

The five tracks on here all deliver well, The sheep sounds between tracks add character to the release, This is something you need to listen to to really make up your mind, the band sent me this and there are physical copies availabe but send them an email Contact:

Below is the whole release.

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