Crime – First Crime (2017)

Release date:January 23rd, 2017
Label:Shadow Kingdom Records

Maot (Guitars,Bass) actually contacted me to check out the band which is cool, as I had no idea who they were as they have no page on social media but I’m glad he did cause this three track EP is something special.

This they say is heavy metal, I say yeah but more on the edgy side if you like Motorhead and Tank that kind of stuff this is what you get here,Highway Robbery,opens this up with a intro that sets the mood on what the track is about and it’s about a psycho killer from what I hear,but the music lives up to the theme as well as this rips with a killer chorus that adds flair to the whole thing. Give Your Life to the Ruin is another great number,I especially like the lyrics on this one and the way Noisemaker (Drums, Vocals) delivers them,the song starts out slow with a cool mysterious side to it before it gets into it and if you like guitar ripping it’s on here.really strong number as I gave it a few spins and it got better each time.We Shall Destroy is a great closer as there is more rage on this one showing the band has all kind of ranges in it,a killer lead at the end closes this out on a high note.

Crime is killer to be honest this band was surprisingly good and was even surprised that Shadow Kingdom Records here in the states picked them up,which is great news for the whole scene.I have a feeling we might here from this band real soon on a follow up to this.

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