Craneal- Demo (2017)

Release date:Oct 23, 2017

Here is something I got the other day in a message, so I decided to give a listen and man was I in for a treat, these days thrash metal doesn’t really do much for me but this is a bit better because it’s catchy and the vocals give it a more old school feel as well not that polished up shit a lot of bands do these days and of course it’s Chilean so you know what to expect, raw dirty shit!

The band is quite new as well and these young guys really know what their doing and learned the old school way no doubt. this quartet hails from Osorno and they been around for about a year and this is their first 7 track self titled demo.

Antes del Desastre (Before the Disaster) starts this off and it’s an instrumental with a good punch to it, not your typical thrash beat but yes it’s heavy as it breaks into Masacre en el Mosh (Massacre in the Mosh) and here we get what the band is all about pure thrash with the vocals I like very deep and dirty none of that high pitched shit here and you can hear all the instruments as well as the production isn’t bad at all. Ruinas del Mundo (Ruins of the World) fuck! did this one come right at me, this rips right from the start pure speed just the way I like it, if this don’t move your ass then I don’t know what will a perfect composed track of pure aggression! Basura (Trash), another headbanger no doubt with some killer leads, short track that gets right to the point with some good lyrics to back it up. Chela Man (Beer Man) is a funny track about a drunk and all his ways and this has more of a typical thrash vibe to it as well,Pesadilla Terminal (Nightmare Terminal) has a that basic thrash feel to and you can hear it but it really doesn’t have that punch until the end and that’s basically the end as Desolación (Desolation) is a guitar instrumental and the feeling goes with the title of the track, an interesting number to finish it off.

For a first demo this isn’t bad at all, so I hope to hear more from the band in the near future, you can download the demo which is 320kps and comes with lyrics here.


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