Corpsehammer – Metal de la Muerte (2019)

Release date: September 9th, 2019
Label: Bestial Invasion Records

So those that don’t know this band is based in Sweden but featured here because we have two comrades from Sweden working with a Chilean lunatic that makes this a very interesting combination not that it hasn’t been done before but this is good shit! to my Chilean friends that follow this site take note this is good shit! it’s death black metal just in case.

As Nahash opens this up we get a pure in your face onslaught of what the band is offering here and this one track is sung in english as something you should know as Midnight Horror (v0cals) will sing in spanish on most of the tracks but even mixes it up on some on tracks, but hellyeah this opener sets the pace on what is to come the drumming is fucking intense like it should be, and on Beso Infame, the shit gets even heavier as the band goes all out and should please the fucking maniacs that get into this type of shit a strong number no doubt.

Tormenta del Infierno is up next and this comes out storming and will crush your ass this one has the vocals are mixed in languages which add to the power of the track. it gets to the point! and La Marca which is next and oh my fucking ass! this will kill you as it burst into oblivion as this will crush the weak just pounding with no relentless.

As we go on and Rito & Magia comes on I will say the rest of this album crushes and doesn’t have a weak moment through the whole thing, a band that needs to be heard because this shit crushes the weak! as they deliver the goods without a cause this rules! from start to finish I highly recommend it! its brutal to the point noi a dull moment from start to finish. and the last track Angelus Morbus, oh my just have a listen.

Hell! this rules! and I would suggest getting a copy from the band on their bandcamp page as they have merchandise as well, go support fuckers!

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