Concilivm – The Veiled Enigma (2018)

Release date:January 18th, 2018
Label:Von Frost Records

A two piece hailing from Concepción and this is their only release known and it’s one of the best death metal releases I have heard this year, by far Chile’s most underground secret, this is just pure joy to hear.

It’s only an EP but you can hear a bit of Demilich influence as well as old Autopsy just love the sound of the production on here with that crackling bass that reminds me of the old days and the vocals are top notch just perfect for this sick vomiting spewing sound of hell.

Starts off with a sick intro I: The Veiled Enigma which sounds like an intro to the gates of hell before we go into the first track Dark Zenith, and this has all it needs as it spews out an all evil sound to get you into the mood of what the band is about, perfect death metal to my ears.Perpetual Fyre comes out storming more on the faster side but even when it slows down it still has that kick and just builds up to a pounding end.

Breaking of the Return is the more stranger track as it’s got some spoken word in towards the end and has a different vibe but in the end it goes full out, the closer Ars Magna is just the way this should end, a very catchy track that makes you feel like your trip has ended with this killer riff that closes this.

I highly recommend this as it’s pure old school death metal, hopefully they put out a full length in the near future, one of the best on the list this year.


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