Coffin Curse – Ceased to Be (2020)

Coffin Curse
Release date: January 27th, 2020
Label: Memento Mori

Oh yeah the long awaited full length from Coffin Curse and after all these years I knew what to expect so this will be good as this band has never disappointed in my book.

So Gathered unto Death opens this up and from the get go this track strikes at you with plenty of killer hooks and so great lyrics to add to the whole flare of it a great opener as Where Sickness Thrives things get a bit even heavier as there are lots of killer hooks on here as well but there is an excellent lead in here that grabs you instantly and it finishes of with a glorious head smashing jam that really kicked my ass!

Chopped Clean Off, great title don’t you think? and up to this point a very powerful out to kill track as it is out to kill from the start as this is a crusher from start to finish, one of those tracks that end before you know it, so its good believe me.Descend into Abhorrence gets us back into a more a crushing death metal that the band is good at this has that creeper feel to it in the beginning but hell does it get better as the tempo speeds up and keeps you pinned as it gets a bit crunchier at a point but then blows up again and this mystifying killer lead sound on here really brought even more light to it,good shit!

Just as I thought things might be getting a bit slower Feeding on Perpetual Disgrace comes on and this really brought me up this track kills plenty of speed catchy hooks all over and the aggression on here is just the way I like it, one of the best tracks on here for me.Extinct takes a bit more of slower pace but heavy I will say and reading the lyrics this fits in well as it gets going more midway through a bit of a change from the rest of the album but not bad as it has its high points, you just need to hear it to really get the feeling of it.

Grave Offender gets us back into the more fast paced and dark sick lyrics which blend in so well here as this has its own killer punch to it that enjoyed as its a quick one and the closer Deep in Streams of Purifying Dirt is a long epic track that offers all kinds of goods through the whole thing as I was never let down on here as this closed this killer debut with a high like it should.

I highly recommend this release death metal only the way Coffin Curse has been delivering for years now, the production and all that is perfect on here the wait was worth the wait!

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