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Warfare Blood – Ritos Satanicos – Demo (2014)


Warfare Blood
Release date:2014

A new Black/Thrash band with a very impressive first demo from this trio.

So here we have 4 blistering tracks of pure black/thrash right in your face material,Ritos Satánicos the opener just grabs you from the start the vocals are nothing new but they add a twist as the guitarist and the bassist share vocals through out the demo,Arden las Iglesias probably the slowest track on here due to the breaks but still kicks ass with some great leads,Matadero this one goes back to the same vein as the opener great stuff to get your blood flowing.Ley de Muerte the closer a very catchy track with some breaks but a strong one to close this out.

I hope to hear more from this band in the future because they sound promising.

Victor Poblete : Vocals, Guitar, Voice Support
Gonzalo Batias : Vocals, Bass
Yery Condeza : Drums

Evil Madness – Bastards Get Rotten (2015)

Evil Madness
Release date: March 18th, 2015
Label: Thanatology Production

So this band took almost five years to release a follow up to their “Maze of Souls” debut and it was worth the wait,This time around the vocals are mainly done by Cristian Contreras (Guitars, Vocals) and Diego Chored Carrillo (Bass, Vocals) only does two compared to last time.

But anyways let’s get to this album, “The Gate/Nightmares” a mid paced intro that breaks into what were expecting some old school riffing and leads all over the place a sign of what would come, “Burn in Hell” is another shredder this song reminds me of old Possessed, “Servers of Satan” & “Pestilent Past” both are strong compositions that fit well, “Desecration” Is probably the weakest track it’s not bad but just hasn’t got the power the other tracks have.“Hell on Earth” & “Fueled for Hatred” Get us back on track and the final “Beyond/The Gate” an almost 10 min track that starts slow but once in they start ripping it gets insane with dueling leads that just drive you nuts! a great closer that fades as it started.

I would call this band a Death/Thrash band not just Thrash, If your into old Possessed,Sarcofago this is something I would check into. The production on this is very raw just to let you know but a very good album.