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Terror Strike – Terror Strike (2015)

Terror Strike
Release date:August 20th, 2015
Label:Evil Confrontation Records

After being on the scene for ten years now we finally get the bands first full length,Terror Strike are an all out Thrash band and from the start this gets you going The Night Burns sets the mood on what this band is all about,I won’t get into every track as they are all good,this is what Thrash should sound like aggressive as hell with furious leads that make you wanna bang your head or beat some poser’s ass! If your into old school Thrash like Razor with that kind of speed I would highly recommend getting this you won’t be disappointed.The production on here is perfect you can hear every instrument perfectly,Iván Contreras vocals are in that S.American vein, we that follow the scene have come to known and yes this is all in English for those that have second thoughts.

The album is over 45min.long with two instrumentals that come across quite well,some highlights are Executioner Thrash Metal,Spit on the Cross,Armed and Alcoholic but this could easily be the Thrash album of the year,I wouldn’t even call this a retro band as by the cover shows these guys ain’t jumping on the bandwagon.You can purchase this at Evil Confrontation Records and they ship worldwide so go buy this and support!

Samot – The Beginning (2015 Demo)

Release date:June 13th, 2015

I mentioned this band earlier and I finally got to hear the whole demo and was I ever in for a treat this starts out with Legacy and a nice intro of some acoustic guitar to boost, then into this we go, gotta love this first track some raw guitar sounding with leads and the vocals just fit perfect.Revenge Blood is up next and another excellent track that has a part with some acoustic guitar that fits in just right and then we have a acoustic instrumental Fantasie (sylbius leopold weiss) that fits in well and then The Prison which is just as heavy as the rest but this one I like because of the pace sure it might end slow but that is brief and to end we have Death a great ender gotta love the vocals It’s My Death! and the crunchy riffing which I always appreciate.

This is great first offering from this band and I would recommend it to anybody that likes old school Death Metal even Death/Thrash as this has some good speed in it and I hope to hear more from the band as this got better the more I listened to it.I posted the whole demo for you to hear as well.


Abhorior / Sadistik Goathammer – Hierophanic Sigils ov The Poison and Death (Split 2015)

Abhorior / Sadistik Goathammer
Release date:July 2015
Label:Spreading the Pest Productions

A Black/Death Metal attack from these two, Abhorior being the newer of the two starts off this ritual and the opening track The Antinomian in the Circle of Earthly Misery proves it as the opener,a evil sounding intro that sounds like Satan himself is coming to this ritual. Pestilence Rvins so we finally get to hear the band on this one after another intro but it’s worth it as it starts kinda slow then we get into this really cool riff then the blasphemy really turns on with some sick vocals that sound like hell has arrived,good shit! Necrorevelation ov Impurity Rites to end this part of the ritual,this track is my favorite,comes straight out after a short intro and with it’s various up’s and down’s you get this feeling your right there in all this chaos and ends with this great outro that really got to me.

So the Sadistik Goathammer part starts out as well with another short intro The Antinomian in the Circle of Earthly Misery then after comes Sacred Brew of Perdition this is a killer track to start this out,with a really crushing riff that keeps you interested in whats to come and then some lead to blend in to take it to another level. Phalocentric Goatidolatry starts out with these pounding drums that set the tone for the rest of the song,very brutal should please anybody into this genre a very solid track to end this.

Only thing about this is sometimes the vocals sound drowned out in the mix especially during the Sadistik Goathammer tracks but not that big of a deal, oh yes this could of been longer,I hope next time we hear from these bands they have more material to share with us as this left me wanting to hear more.

Killing Mass – The Meaning of Survive (Demo 2015)

Killing Mass
Release date:February 2015

Been meaning to review this demo for awhile now,Killing Mass are a Death/Thrash band,but this demo took me awhile to actually grab me not like the their 2014 Four Ways to Destroy Demo
which got me into this band and impressed me so I was very much looking forward to this.So Destino opens this up and I was kinda wondering if they were fucking around with this duel guitar intro which kinda sounds off key but as soon as this passes we go to what this band brings all out assault,of all the songs on here this is the one that took time to get used to. Revindication starts out with a slow intro but again the ripping commences and this one is sung in English and you can tell,but this track has some flow to it but it will grab you after a few listens.The Symbol of Terror is my favorite track on here,straight forward with ripping leads like I love and a break that reminded me of old Necrosis when the bass breaks in.The Destruction the final track and this is kinda weird due to this break at the end that has a more straight thrash sound but ends quick as the leads come in and we gat back to what it’s all about,as a added bonus they put an instrumental version of SOT which is titled Pista (The Symbol of Terror).

These guys are young so they will get better with time and hopefully a full length is in the near future because they got what it takes,checkout their Soundcloud page they have their previous demo on there as well.

Some live footage from a recent gig.

Atomicide – Chaos Abomination (2015)

Release date:January 30th, 2015
Label:Iron Bonehead Productions

If you ain’t familiar with this band (Death/Thrash) they been around since 2003 with various demos and a great split with Ejecutor,This opus of mayhem is their second full length,what we got here is a furious slab of nine tracks that are straight forward,this sounds a little more upbeat than their previous and I mean production wise but the only bad thing I can find on here is that the vocals are kinda drowned out but everything else sounds great on here ripping leads,the drums most of all you can hear them perfectly.
If your into old Morbid Angel or anything in that vein I would check this out,the band is giving this away to download for free on their bandcamp page.I think this is a good release that keeps you interested in it as each track plays,I had to give it a few spins before it all started to fall into place and I hope the band puts out a follow up to this as I always liked this band from their early material.

Purulent Mutation – Mutacion Purulenta (2015 EP)

Purulent Mutation
Release date:April 3rd, 2015

These guys are a new Death Metal band that just released their first material as an EP,they basically focus on 90’s style, 4 tracks on here that show promise as we start with Violada Despues de la Muerte (Raped after Death) The sound of old school Death Metal is there especially when Francisco Correa breaks in with the vocals so a good start.Mutacion Purulenta the title track this starts out slow and makes you wonder where there going and speeds up a bit half way through but then slowed down again which made me lose interest,next up Fetiche de Carne (Meat Fetish) probably my favorite track on here because it shows what this band can do if they put their mind into it.Alimento para Gusanos (Food for Worms) the closer just another basic Death Metal song that really doesn’t bring much,what this is majorly missing is leads there are none on this whole opus and the production could of been better as well as sometimes the vocals get drowned out,you can listen below and buy it directly from the band at their Bandcamp page.

Behead – Fatal Violence (2015)

Release date:January 13th, 2015
Label:Zombie Records

So here we have the first EP from this Death/Thrash band a total 5 tracks plus an intro (The Begin of the End).The Ritual starts this out and this song sounds promising but when they slowed it down it kinda took something out of it for me.Vision Distorsionada this one is their only one sung in Spanish and it’s a good one love the drumming on this one as well this song is written perfectly.The title track Fatal Violence this one has Death written all over it in the beginning but once the vocals come in it takes a life of it’s own and even some sounds of old Swedish DM scene are heard on here good stuff.
The next two tracks Killer and Death in Fire are listed as bonus and you can definitely tell by the sound quality that they were recorded later on and show how much the band progressed in such a short time and it’s getting better with age,this band has caught my eye and as in the NWOCTM post earlier the first track on there is by Behead from whats next on their agenda.
You can get this at their label’s site if there is any left as it was only pressed to 100 tapes and it’s based in can also get in contact with the band directly at their Facebook page.

Here is the full EP.

Infernal Slaughter – Spilling Blood and Hate (2015)

Infernal Slaughter
Release date:May 26th, 2015
Label:Pacto Records

Infernal Slaughter have been around since 1997 with only a few demos released until this full length and what a debut this is pure Thrash Metal as it should be done, I won’t get into detail about every track on here because none of them are boring but Nocturnal Desecrator and Looking in the Eyes of Christ are pure standouts. Black Sodomy is probably the slowest track on here just because it opens slow but rips afterwards.

The musicianship on here is just as perfect, D.I.W.D.(Vocals) sometimes remind me of Sheepdog (McLaren) a bit and great screams as well, on the last track Called by the Devil we have backing vocals by Torrid (Perversor), chorus by Abominable (Perversor).

If your into thrash like Razor or even Merciless (SWE) I would really suggest you look into this,there isn’t much info on this band on the net and I doubt there will be but I would contact Pacto Records and try to get a copy because what I am hearing is this is selling well in the underground and as you know these are limited pressings, I gave this 10/10 because it’s that good and right now this tops my extreme list for the year.

This is the opening track if you like this it gets even better after this.

Here is some live footage from a recent gig when they opened for Metalucifer.

Hellpack – Devil’s Cult (2015)

Release date:April 4th, 2015
Label:Veins Full of Wrath

Hellpack are labeled Black/Speed but this has a bit of everything in it very Motorheadish Punk influences,this release contains two previous demos remastered their Devil’s Rock ‘n’ Roll (2009) and Spill the Blood Red and Follow the Satanic Cult (2014).
I won’t get into a full review because most of this sounds the same and not in a bad way,it should please anybody that likes old school Metal/Punk and that dirty Rock n Roll sound as well fans of Gehennah (Swe),Blizzard (GER) will love this.They have that kinda sound but their main topic is satanic so that’s where the difference comes in,ten tracks of pure headbanging enjoyment,they left me wanting more.

Some live footage.

Metastasis – The Essence That Precedes Death (2015)

Release date:May 15th, 2015
Label:Apocalyptic Productions

As i had mentioned in an earlier post that this band had been around since 2006 and here we finally get their first full length and the wait was well worth it, some serious Old School Death/Thrash.
We start out with Vengeance a great opener solid ripping leads and puts you in the vein of whats to come,Transition to Hate crunchy riffing to start this one, then right into some blasting but then slowing down again and back the aggression is there.The title track The Essence That Precedes Death right in the gut no fucking around on this one as you would expect up next Circle of Fools this one reminds me a lot of Pentagram by the arrangement and the drumming on here really stands out,probably the slowest track but not bad.Dark Mountain Vision gets back to the speed again but near the end we get this break but no harm as it all fits in well.Bringers of Fear another that starts slow but gets heavier then has a tempo change during the middle but heads back with a leads on here that are ferocious, one of the best tracks.Corpse Profaners gotta love this one just grabs you from the start an all well written composition, up next Blackened Omen another with that roller-coaster vibe very catchy well enough to please anybody into this genre and to close out Spectrums of War as most of the previous tracks it’s got it’s ups and downs and it all combines well to finish this great debut.

I would recommend this to anybody that loves old Pentagram,Pestilence,Death,etc. and Gabriel Quinteros vocals are just perfect and the dueling guitar work on here is right up my alley I love it!

Get this as only 200 copies were pressed on cd here at their label Apocalyptic Productions and also at Dans Crypt Recs

Here is some footage from a gig earlier this year.