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Putrefactio – Sigética (2022)

Release date: February 2022
Label: Ruined Pig Records

This Black Metal horde made some ears turn a few years ago with their Sizigia EP and now a couple of years since then we get this second EP from them.

Only two tracks but they are blizttering with a powerful might as the opener Acausal relámpago, this has a great vibe when it comes to the riffage but when the vocals come in this explodes as you get high and low ones through this and some great fast parts as well but it takes a turn when it slows down but really doesn’t matter as the band makes it all go down good, great track!

Anatemismo, with a mystical guitar intro that gives it a twist but then it burst out to the senses, and they break it down again but not to fear this is fucking good, these guys write some great lyrics that take you to another mind set, so I give them credit for that.

I think it’s time they give us a full length as this has all the goods you could want, both tracks are killer!


Aarkanne – Revelatio (2022)

Release date: May 26th, 2022
Label: Independent

The third part of the band’s trilogy and short as only three tracks are here for the taking.

And not a dull moment. all three are in the same vein as on what the band has delivered in the past and lots of good raw and ripping going on here, it’s like you’re on a ride from the start.

If you got into the bands previous work, you should enjoy this I certainly did, it just has a great raw vibe to it.

Desacato – Trascendencia (2022)

Release date: May 16th, 2022
Label: Independent

A new Death/Thrash Metal outfit from Valparaiso released this four track EP.

Trascendencia, the title track opens this up and its short and doesn’t really show that much on what the band will deliver later on here, not much aggression as in speed at all.

Sugestion Del Miedo, yes and here they take another turn as the rage is felt for the first time with more speed and vocals to deliver a powerful punch, this gets better as it goes, the production really shines on here as well and the galloping part with the war effects really made this stand out.

And it gets better as Odio is one of the highlights here the pounding part they add here really has a great drive, with some minor tempo changes this still delivers the goods, as Sicario, closes this out and it pretty much continues where the band has been going through this, the vocals really standout here which is good and the drum roles at the end as well.

Not a bad first EP from the band I’m sure we will hear more from them in the future.


Repugnatory – Alma Impura (2022)

Release date: March 15th, 2022
Label: Narcoleptica Productions/MCDT Company

This band needs no introduction as they been around spewing their black/thrash for a while now with 3 full lengths to their credit, this is the latest EP they released to the masses.

The Intro has a haunting feeling that leads to Nada Sagrado Quedará, and this comes off as a solid number, the vocals are as good as you can get them for this type of metal, sung in Spanish they come out better which gave me hope on what was to come, Ahogado En Tu Tormento with a title like that I expected a crusher as it opens with a strong riff but it changed a bit later but if you listen closely to it, it keeps repeating itself and it just got kinds boring but the lead they put in it saved it to be honest.

Alma Impura things get a bit better on here as the band are belting the hell out here this is more like it, as Visión De Muerte, closes this out with a great punch, it took me a couple of listens to this to finally get it, Outro (Estás En El Infierno) closes it out an acoustic piece that puts a good end to it.

Not a bad release and glad to have it in my collection and the band keeps the flame lit which is what matters.


War Därmen – Colonization (2022)

War Därmen
Release date: ?
Label: Noiselord Prod.

As in the time of writing this, the album hasn’t been released yet but if you look it’s on Spotify and Youtube so that’s how I obtained this, and those who follow this site know I did a review on them when they started and that was awhile ago.

And what I see it consist of eight tracks, but lets get into it.

Sector Alpha and this is heavy as fuck strong pounding in the beginning then a fury of crushing comes in, a whole new side of the band shows here, an even the tempo change near the end doesn’t take away anything as some killer leads come in, a brilliant opener.

And the bashing continues on Dyson Sphere as this as heavy as the opener, the drums have this powerful feel to it that ride with some killer leads, this destroys believe me, Wolf of Damnation is another ripper with some tempo changes but still has some great speed parts that will have you glued to this.

Colonization, the title track is s furious piece and will crush the weak, we get high and low vocals trading back and forth as the band is pounding like hell behind it all and these tempo changes they fill in are always good as these tracks have sometime in them but all is good as they fill with pure might and this is a good example.

Forgotten in Time is the first track with a different vibe at the start but it gets faster after a while, some serious pounding comes in before it comes down again, yeah a bit different from what has been heard but its all good as Sector Beta comes in and here the difference is the vocal style as it is more clearer as more in the thrash vein, the track is bent on a thrash vibe as well, Anti Entropic Morality is about the same for a few before those low vocals come back to action, but a lot going on here as the second half of it is head splitting fast that will please all the speed freaks out there.

To the closer Vy Canis Majoris and this is a long one 10 min + so its got a lot, with a heavy crunchy beat at the start but then we get the fast aggressive side as this comes at you full force as it did in the beginning of the album, but a tempo change comes in with some strong feeling to it as this lead comes in for awhile but then the whole band comes back for a grand finale to end this.

This is a great release and hopefully it comes out soon and with lyrics and the band has matured great in the time I first heard them, this release should expand their fanbase.


Metalcoholicnight – Demo MMXXII (2022)

Release date: February 28th, 2022
Label: Independent

So, some obscure Black/Thrash Metal, as this duo is based in New Zealand but both members are Chilean, as I researched, I found out this is their second demo and has 4 tracks of some promising sounds.

Nuke the world starts this out and has an intro before it goes into action and at first, it’s kind of slow but it explodes after as it rips and shows the part of the band we were hoping for as it has all the goods in it, the vocals are just right as well as the speed. Bored of living is on the same track but its short and goes straight into Sheltered by the dark and this track has a little more to offer as it rides through, and another side of the band comes out as by saying the sound and it shows they can do more as the closer Aberración which is probably their best on here as this shreds with some great riffs all over the place and a solid pounding through the whole thing.

I see promise in the band as they have some good ideas put into this demo, so I hope to hear more in the future.


Oclofobia – Thermidor (2022)

Release date: May 22,2022
Label: Independent

So, this popped up in my mail today and this duo got a lot of praise on their debut EP from last year, both these guys are part of Svb Imperivm so they know what they’re doing.

And this must be their full length but no mention of it as six tracks make up this ritual, so it opens up with Okhlos, a strange intro to this as you hear a bunch of people singing then it goes right into the track, and you can hear there are low and high pitched that make it interesting, the pace is your typical black metal with some melodic overtone trying to seek in. Verbo is a bit different as this is more hard hitting the drums lead the way here, it’s a solid number just wish I had the lyrics to all of this.

Interesting intro to Moléculas as you hear some kids talking and one ask the other “What are you doing here today?” and the other answers back “For the liberty of the village which has suffered 30 years” but to the track this is a really good one, some really fast riffage and some of the tempos that are on here really gave this a feeling like no other, one of the highlights on here for me to this point, and it continues on Esquizofrenia as this is blistering with great lyrics that fill the atmosphere.

Inmanencia, another strong number that fills the release, great riffage and the vocal split makes it even more likeable, to the closer the title track Thermidor well this starts out with some spoken part but couldn’t make it out but from there it burst out and this piece fills in just fine, if you enjoyed this from the beginning it will finish it off just right.

I really enjoyed this I just hope it gets a physical release soon and needs to be heard.

Sign of Evil – Psychodelic Death (2022)

Sign of Evil
Release date: May 20th, 2022
Label: Edged Circle Productions

Hell, yes this is one I been waiting on the first full length from the one-man project from, Camilo Pierattini aka Witchfucker (Dekapited, Invocation Spells) and if you got into the demo from a couple of years ago this is even better as the production brings new life to the whole thing.

Bad Trip opens this up and a video was released awhile back so those who follow should know what to expect, but on to The Consequence of Your Actions and this being like a new one and the rest of the album as well as no tracks from the past are issued here but this one has great intensity the vocal effects add to the macabre sound that the band is known for, even the piano at the end should please the listener.

Psychodelic Death the title track is pretty hate filled as you can tell by the vocal content which stands out more than anything and then fades into Serpent Poison and with this heavy bass line at the start, this track will grab you its very catchy, only thing its short as near the end that piano as before comes in which I have no problem with as it goes directly into When the Day Arrives. this comes right at you full tilt pounding on the drums, heavy shit but ends quick as I noticed he likes to add some kind of intro to the next track coming up at this point. Anonymous is short and simple and as I noticed this has 13 tracks in full but they are all short so be prepared for the onslaught comes quick.

And that being almost a bit over the halfway point, I will say the rest still has the power that was felt in the beginning and even more chaotic at times as there are some chaotic riffs spewed all over this. and the title fits this well as you will be taken on a ride that will explode your mind.

A solid release from top to bottom definitely give this a listen.


Inoxidable – La Voladora (2022)

Release date: March 25th, 2022
Label: ThreeMetal Forces Distro

The second full length from this Heavy/Thrash Metal outfit, so I came in with an open mind to review this as these guys are well known in Chile.

And the Intro is like a Sabbathish sounding piece which is ok by me, but it takes a whole different turn as it goes into the title track La Voladora, as this is heavier, and I really dug the lyrics to this as well and some excellent lead in here as well as the solid drive delivered.

And the pounding continues on Subyugados with lots of crunchy riffage spilled all over it and the vocal range is just right, Parásitos is the track that has stuck to my head from all the times I listened to it probably from lyrical content pure fuck off! to the parasites of life.

Athrathrao (El basilisco) more on the heavy side when it starts but gets driving quick and brings all the good the band has given throughout the release and even a breakdown which is on the doomy side, but they throw in this ripping lead that takes is to another dimension. Fuego y metal is more om chanting side of things like an anthem you could say different from the rest but good for what it is and that is basically it as Outro closes the studio tracks on here, this is an instrumental with this heavy riff being played and then a lead comes in to give it more character, but it’s not over.

Two live tracks El brujo and Chicha y metal are added as bonus tracks, and the first of the two is pretty sick as it has this grotesque feeling it and the production is goo sounds like they took it off the soundboard, the last one is full of aggression is all I can say a good closer to all of this.

An album that I enjoy more each time I listen to but there is not much on this release on the net so I only posted what I found.


Genocidal Impalament – Portador de Flamas Funerarias (2022)

Genocidal Impalament
Release date: May 13th, 2022
Label: Independent

This is a Death/Black Metal one man project, one of the guitarists for Bestial Mortem (Sibyllinos Inspicerent) to be exact, a compilation of the two demos released earlier this year.

And this is heavy as fuck, and straight to the point, some really punishing metal here, Genocidio Universal is a great opener and the vocals are sick sounding but could of been a little higher as they seem to get drowned out at times.

One thing I noticed is that this whole thing comes in under 14 minutes and there are 8 tracks, so be prepared to be slaughtered, this has nothing new to offer the genre but it’s good for what it is and I see potential in it all.

Crazy maniacs will probably love this, I hope this dude keeps this going and we hear more in the near future and it’s available on Bandcamp.