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Morbid Holocaust – Demo (2022)

Morbid Holocaust
Release date: January 12th, 2022
Label: Independent

The lateest from this wrecking crew, a three track demo of what I see, two tracks have been released on earlier demos but this is my first time hearing any of them.

And for starters Two Millenial Halves and this comes out full force which surprised me as this is what the band reminded me of back when I first heard them a few years ago but they have added different passages to their music in recent years and it comes in midway through this track but don’t be alarmed as this destroys.

Soy is more on the punishing side, this rips like hell all out onslaught of pure aggression that will satisfy those that need a fix of this type, Volver comes straight forward as well and has a few tempo changes in it but take nothing of the rawness that is being spread as this has a great feel to it, especially the part where the lead comes in.

If this is a definition of whats to come I will take it, all tracks are solid as hell and should be heard.

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Deviants – Legion (2022)

Release date: January 1st, 2022
Label: Burning Coffin Records

After last years preview track Fake Reality this is a release that was something I was looking forward to, the band consist of two maniacs that have made names for themselves in other bands so there is no surprise this bit of death thrash would deliver am impact.

And after an intro the first one is Fake Reality and it hits like a ton of bricks so if you never heard this the first time out then be prepared to bang your head as this is quite catchy even with the slighter passages in it this has a force to it, but Legion shows another side of the band, this is more extreme and an all out bashing is represented here, to this point this a smasher!

The Buried Parts of the Past more of a slow pace start but then burst into chaotic mayhem with a serious drive the will crush skulls with out a doubt, then a break midway through that crawls up your spine with this ripping lead added then out of nowhere a complete stop comes in and it might throw some off but its quite plesant and added character to the whole thing.

To finish it off a cover Baptized in Blood (Death) and they add their own blood to it as its way fucking heavier than the original so a strong ending to this EP.

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Venus Torment – Perversion of Nature (2021)

Venus Torment
Release date: November 2021
Label: Suicide Records

The side project of Ripper guitarist/vocals Patricio Spalinger, but goes under Venus Torment on this side project of his which he handles everything except the drums, and it’s been awhile since any new material was released, so seeing this pop up was a blessing as I knew what to expect since the first album and everything in between was good shit!

And from the opening notes on Infinite Spiral we are led into a frenzy of chaos as this is belted out to crush your soul, and one thing you will notice are that the vocals come in nice and clear but the riffage is just mind blowing, an excellent opener, as the title track is next and this shreds just as well, the drums are being pounded to hell on here and it is demonstrated through whole thing.

I won’t get into every track as this is excellent piece of death thrash as it left me floored, after listening to it a few times it got better and better, if you need a fix of pure aggression this should give you that fill some great hooks are spilled all over this, the track Ultraviolent Fragments of Self will absolutely kill you, short and sweet.

A steamroller of an album, highly recommended.

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Asvddhasrti- Emanations – Split (2021)

Asvddhasrti- Emanations
Release date: December 23rd, 2021
Label: Qalmana

Two one man Black Metal bands I festured last year have come out with this split that both offer two tracks each.

Asvddhasrti opens it up with Belly Generous of Evil and this is the more intense track of the two featured here more ablazing on the drive and all out direction as it does have some tempo changes and breaks that add character to the whole thing and it delivers the goods as Tartarus has more of a crunchy hook to it and the vocals stand out more on here and not being an all out blast beat fest this isn’t bad, it has some really good hooks that will get you, I liked this one more of the two.

So onto Emanations and immediately into Amiahzatan Part I you ccan hear the difference between both bands as this is more extreme and a whole different production is heard but this is chaotic as hell and the guitar really guides this plus the drums are insane, a total bashing of the skull is what you get.

And no letting down on Amiahzatan Part II at the start but the tempo slows down a bit but burst back for the kill but then takes you on even more paths as it goes on as this is over seven minutes long and takes you in all directions, the ending is bombastic.

Not a bad little split from these two, and showing what they offer.

Force Of Darkness – Twilight of Dark Illumination (2021)

Force Of Darkness
Release date: October 13th, 2021
Label: Iron Pegasus Records

A little late on this beast of an album as it has gotten high praise all over and they ain’t kidding this is a face ripper as it will crush the weak, the drumming on here is out of this world and the production is excellent!

A brain crushing opus that will wake the dead, this fucker kills from start to finish and if you never heard them this might be a good start but their whole catalog is full if gems and hopefully they do another trek over here to the states in the coming year.

A Mighty Hail!

Necrobastard – Massgrave (2021)

Release date: December 20th, 2021
Label: Diabolical Summoning Records

Here we have this death thrash band that has been around since 2007 and with a hand full of demos to their credit this is the bands first full length, earlier in the year a compilation “Deadly Resurrection” with their previous work was put out and there you can hear the evolution of the band, and that got me interested on what this release would sound like as the last tracks on that really showed how they finally found an impressive sound.

And it shows on the opening track Necromantic Nights as this comes out blazing with fast paced crunchy riffage and the vocals are straight on as later the track slows down but still packs a punch and it gets even more interesting on Deadly Mass as we hear a different approach here as it starts slow but goes into a pounding vibe immediately but then the roller coaster effect comes in as it has its ups and downs but keeps the intensity intact.

One thing I noticed is the tracks on here are pretty lengthy so a lot is filled in the grooves on these tracks but onto The Grotesque Roots of Civilization and this takes it up notch as this grabs you on all aspects as all the hooks on here made this one of the highlights so far, but hell it even gets better as Into the Burial Darkness is packed with aggressiveness to the max, that should please the bangers.

And I will leave it at that, as this is a solid release with other goodies to be discovered on the remaining tracks, the old school sound is splattered all over this, one you should definately check out.

Theurgia – Earthbound Spirits (2021)

Release date: October 31st, 2021
Label: Vestigia Flamæ

Good to hear some new material from this black metal outfit as it has been awhile now but these two tracks on this demo are hopefully about more of what is coming soon.

Fires of Awakening, this has a great flow to it the opening riffs are classic black metal that keeps your ears pinned to what more is to come and there is plenty of it on here as it has this gripping feel of old darkness all around it even a spoken part that adds to the blend and the out going riff is memorable as it has a mythical feel to it, really good material.

To Walk the Nightside Gardens is even better this has some great passages sewn into it, a lot more aggressivness and the vocals come in quite well through this whole recording which should please the doubters but in all this little taste of the band is excellent! something to hear if your not familiar with the band.

Aarkanne – Mysterii (2021)

Release date: June 14th, 2021
Label: Ars Negative / Soul Reaper / Inferna Profundus Records

After the superb demo from last year, I finally got a hold of this ritual and the wait was well worth it as this is a dragout hell of a release, full of dark passages with intensity at its highest level, the rawness with some excellent production gives this opus a kick that should please all into raw black metal.

With 6 tracks all titled Mysterii esch one takes you on a path through pure hell they all have a life of their own with no letting down as some might have a little more complex to them they all share in the viciousness that is being spread here.

Crank this fucker loud especially the last track which simply slays! A must have release if you can find it on all formats, Inferna Profundus Records just released it on vinyl so act now before they are gone.

Nigromancia – Hidden Rituals (2021)

Release date: August 15th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records

Here we have this new death thrash outfit and their first release an EP of six tracks that will devastate you, this is one of those releases that hit me full force the first time I heard it.

From the opening of Necromancy it came across with an old school feel and what else really is good are the vocals very distinctive compared to most on the scene yes, they rule! a killer opener that goes directly into Vomiting Death and with some heavy riffage at the start this thing gets better as it goes the pounding on here is just right, even with the slight tempo change thrown in this cuts deep.

A bit different at the start of Hidden Rituals but it’s another killer as the motions it takes you through are hell filled with intensity, I really enjoyed this one, its quick and short and to the point as we roll onto Only Death Is Real and here I hear that classic Swedish death metal tone and another dimension of the band is felt as well, some killer shit!

Heavy pounding start on Voices from the Underworld but then the bashing begins as this will sweep you off your ass, with some great hooks in here this never really lets up of you, and to close Flame of Death and no let down at all this has all the goods injected into it and weird how it Justs stops, and a bass solo rides it out.

All I can say of all the new bands I heard this year this band is the one that takes the reign this opus will slay you, highly recommended!!

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Throneum / Ejecutor (2021) split

Throneum / Ejecutor
Release date: October 2021
Label: Morbid Ways to Die / Apocalyptic Productions / Triom / Dark Recollections Productions

Ejecutor have teamed up with Poland’s Throneum for this special split in memory of NecroTerror (bass player for Ejecutor), who passed away on September 11, 2021. and both bands are two different genres, so it was interesting to hear what was offered here, the 3 tracks from Throneum are bombastic the two originals they contribute here really punishing Trois frères is some really off the wall shit that I had to listen to a few times to get the feel for the whole thing and it continues on Kaang the Praying Mantis as this has a more straight forward feel to it with a ripping lead in it and my pick for their best one, they end their half with a cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges and if you heard the original this is way over the top so be prepared.

Ejecutor is whole new thing when it comes on the opener Armaggedon is just a crushing piece that you can hear that sound this band has been delivering since they started, the chorus of Armaggedon! will get stuck in your brain, love it! La entidad is more intense from the start but has some breaks in it but it hammers down as this fucker is mean as hell, the drumming oh here really comes to light and solid as fuck.

Ritual de protección is one of those tracks the band have gotten a feeling for of spreading a message and they do here it’s short and sweet and the point is set. And they finish with Primordial (Mortuary Drape cover) and they do a great job on it that topped this release to a great end.

A great tribute to our fallen comrade, the mix of styles from both bands might not be for everybody but the Ejecutor is a must for the fans of the band, hopefully we get more from them next year.