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Perpetual Holocaust – Diabolical Miasmatorium Holocaust (Unreleased 2018)

Perpetual Holocaust
Release date: None
Label: None

I been in contact with Ariel (Vocals, Guitar) and he wanted me to put somethings on my channel and in the process he sent me these four tracks that were supposed to be on a split that never happened.

So for those who don’t know, these guys play Death Metal with a few releases out but nothing new out since 2017, so this is what was to follow but never seen the light of day and a shame as this is some pretty crushing shit.

Sepulchral Voice of Darkness opens this up and right from the start this comes in full force just straight out kill and just a mild tempo change where you hear the drums rolling and then some killer lead breaks in, the vocals are as good as you can get with this and from hearing they’re earlier material this band has gotten better with each release and this first number proves it.

This next track Necrophagus Communion has this hellish growl to start and more on the pounding edge in the beginning as the drive thickens as it goes along as the blast beats prove as they drive the track and gets more interesting near the end and the bass is really pounding as you can hear it perfectly on here and a nice lead thrown in at the end to finish it off.

And Macabre Evil Spirit, Well this one will put an onslaught on your soul, this just takes it up another notch as it has this chaotic feel to it, it honestly left me crushed, this track rules! heavy shit as good as it gets, I hope this makes it onto the next release and on to A Holocaust of Evil, with a more complex sounding riff at the start this has its own feeling, yes its heavy for sure as it has this creeping feel to it and gets even more insane as it goes, a strong closer.

Well lets just hope these tracks see the light of day on the bands debut, I posted this on my channel so give it a listen, Cheers!

Hostile Faith – Last Remnants of Life (2020)

Hostile Faith
Release date: July 14th, 2020
Label: Life After Death

Well finally this piece of Death Thrash has finally come out, I been waiting to hear this since the band released one track off it a while back and it was worth the wait.

Here on this EP we get four tracks one being a Cancer cover, So as we go into this a nice backwards message at the the start of Blind as this track has a good powerful drive to it and the vocals sound just right as the track thrashes along with a break here and there that ads flare to it but no fucking around here this is death thrash the way it was meant to be, a super great opener to this.

This next one The Disinterment is just as good but really enjoyed that you can hear the crunching bass from the start, and as it goes along it gets even better as it has the pull that grabs you and later gets even better as around the two or so minutes in it just goes off into oblivion as it gets even heavier as it goes into a frenzy of madness, a total killer!

Last Remnants of Life, the title and last original track on here, well this to me was the highlight, this track is so enjoyable as it starts with this heavy slow pounding riff that reminded me of some old-school shit and the lead comes in that I knew I was about to get nailed and I was right it does as it goes into full kill mood and with more tempo changes as it goes along this track is epic! this track put a stamp on the band as they are here to stay and kick your ass.

The Cancer cover C.F.C. does a righteous revamp to it as it rips just like it should a good closer.

To anybody that loves death thrash this is a must, I just hope after this we get a full length as the band has proven with their releases that it should be the next goal, This is only available on tape if you want a physical copy and digital by the band. Surely this will make my top 10 of the year., support fuckers!

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Kratherion – Apostol De La Sempiterna Miseria (2019)

Release date: August 26th, 2019
Label: Arte Pagano

Well I finally got to hear this opus in its entirety and the wait was worth it as this is as powerful as most that heard it told me and I needed to hear it, Kratherion have been around for quite some time now this being their third full length.

The opener Kristos Kataproctos is a fast and short that gets to the point with its blasphemous lyrics a great opener as we go into Gas ritual de muerte incandescente and this keeps up the pace with full hatred in mind, the band really stands out here as you can hear the full force as these guys are playing their asses off as this track should be with that kind of a title leading the way to your death!

Things get even more interesting on El trono del ojo macabro as this starts out different but then goes into a frenzy of madness as this shreds in its own special way as it has some killer riffage throughout the track as it has this great feeling to it, straight forward with its own special touch, La máscara de la muerte roja is another interesting one as we get the usual blast beat parts but there is a break here when just the bass is heard and it sounds great to hear it by its self and after goes into a chaotic feel not heard of to this point in the album but they go back to the pounding in the end a really good one to me ear.

So on to Procesión al cadalso which if you like blasphemous lyrics in your music then this one should feed your need with the drum beat that sets the mood on what is coming this one goes all out after that it crushes no doubt and will say the drummer in this band is a maniac! this guy is an all out beast through this whole album as we sink into the title track Apóstol de sempiterna miseria and this is out to kill from its fast paced beginning as it floors you in the beginning as the pace slows down just a bit but believe me it is still heavy as fuck as this is a long track but it has that right punch and with this feeling that it makes you wonder where its going as it has a ton of curves to it as it ends with this hard pounding slow chaotic sounding feel to it as it fades away.

Consagración del libido por la muerte y la fatalidad, hell I thought things might be changing as this one starts out with the bass line but fuck this goes back into the mayhem right after, this smokes with all cylinders a blazing, and here the vocals really add even more flare to this track as this really kicked my ass I love how this was arranged with a killer guitar sound coming in and just kills at the end the band is off the wall here fucking excellent! and oh man does it even get better on Alma envenenada as no punches held back here the lyrics are just the way I like them here a full out fuck off! to Christianity and it shreds this is some powerful shit here, even this killer break where the guitar is heard going off, this will please your ass believe me, as we go to the closer Hoy será un gran día para inmolarse and to fuckers like me this is perfect to close this out this delivers everything the band has showed on the this release this is just an all out kill on your brain the perfect closer.

The only regret about this release is that its very hard to find an actual physical copy and they have been gone for quite awhile now, I can’t believe this is on Spotify so as soon as I seen that I ripped it and put it on my channel. Check it out below.

Hnagash – Ritual Over the Grave (2020)

Release date: July 12th, 2020
Label: Independent

Just came across this as it was released a few days ago and I never heard of this band but see they released a promo a few years back and to let you know they are Death Metal and this is something I was shocked to hear as this really has a punch to it.

It starts out with UrushDaur Ritual which is more like an intro as it sets us up for what the band is going to lay down on us, its a bit lengthy but interesting with the lightning and flute and just the effect it delivers, but then we go into the first real track here Spiritual Death and these dirty death yells come at you with this hard pounding drive that really impressed me and the vocals are just as good as you can hear them perfectly and what the man is saying, it has your typical death metal breaks but very catchy that keeps the listener glued to it a great opening track.

Black Arts keeps the flame going this is a real heavy one with some killer riffage that rips at you like a chainsaw, a true headbanger of a track as it gets even heavier as it goes, the drumming on here is excellent something that really drives the band from what I hear to this point and yes some excellent leads thrown in to make it even better and love the ending as it just comes to a complete stop just when your in a frenzy.

This next one Souls with No Rest is still with the drive but with another feeling to it as it has more a slow crushing sound to it but the vibe it gives is very dark feeling to it and even the lead adds to the gloom here, a very catchy number that adds flare to the album, as we go into Eternal Wandering which is actually the last track on here and a long one nine minutes plus so there is a lot going on here as you get your typical death metal vibe in the beginning then the second part really got me as it gets even more heavier before breaking down again but then midway through it completely comes to a still and it sounds like we are going through a dark tunnel that leads to hell as this killer lead comes in making you feel like we reached the end of the path and all the glory is there as it has this creeping vibe to it and it just gathers strength as it fades away and goes into the final track on here Into the Adimensional Dark Abyss which is basically a long outro that goes along with the previous track.

This is an excellent release and ranks up there as one of the best of the year so far in my book, just to let you know you can get this for free on the bands Bandcamp page, hope to hear more from them in the near future and a cool promo for the track Black Arts below.

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Tribulation – Gathered are the Legions to Destroy the Light (2020)

Release date: May 31st, 2020
Label: Independent

Tribulation is a band I have been following since the start, they are black thrash for those who never heard of them before and when I heard they finally released a full length I was thrilled of the news cause I knew what to expect from the band.

So we have some old and new tracks offered on here which is fine by me and from the opener Where the Wind Blows Cold we get this raw sound the band is known for, I really like what band has delivered here they sound just the way they always have that dark deep metal sound and when they break into the fast parts its gets even better the vocals really come to light on this recording as its raw and good with a perfect pitch.

As Cursed Crypts comes in this even gets better and one thing I noticed is these tracks are lengthy and to me that is a good thing as that makes these tracks even more interesting as this one has some breaks in it but really make it stand out, so I hear no flaws in it, might be long but it delivers.

This next one Nocturnal Conjuration is really a grinder to my ears, I love the riffage on here this is some killer shit here as it just kills with a drive that makes you wanna kill somebody and when it breaks down it has this eerie feel to it and then it goes out full force! one of the best tracks as this point.

And we go onto Queen of the Night which has this old Bathory vibe to it in the beginning with the riff but it has its own feel to it as it goes along as it gets more darker in a more deeper and dark attitude to it a very good track and it burst into Send the Priest to Hell an old track done here again and this time even better than the first, one of their highlights from the past being brought back to life again just like the next one Burn the Church which kills on here as well, this one brings back the memories of when I first heard it but even better here, the lead rules!

Desecration is up next an old favorite from the first demo and here as before sounds better as the production on this opus is way better than before and more energy is felt on these old tracks through out this whole album, the high-hats can be heard to a tilt on here and then we go onto a new track Trample on the Cross and oh man does this one kill, the band goes off here the lyrics can be heard clearly and the music is just perfect one of my tops on here as its got all the goods in it just the way I like it a blistering number that simply crushes!

As we break into Unholy War which has more of a pounding feel to it as the band has more feeling here as the track has this listen to me attitude feeling to it and you can hear it and it has this excellent groove to it as it even has a break the guitar has alone and then it goes into this deep dark feeling to it nothing that has been heard to at this point but it will grab you as it goes into Black Flame which has this even more pounding feeling as the previous which kept me wondering where the band was going but it kept me glued to it as it wasn’t that out to kill vibe that I was listening to earlier but its not bad as all as it brought more light to the whole feel of the album as Persistence of the Winter Echo closes this out and its a mystical sounding ending to the whole thing as it just shines a light to what the band wants to show to how this should end.

Inclosing I really like this release as its good to see the band is still alive and kicking, the album represents the band perfectly as a whole and hope to hear whats next in the future, I know a lot of fuckers that support this and are pleased with it and its time the band gets more recognition for their work so spread the news.

Suffering Sights – Existential Realism (2020)

Suffering Sights
Release date: June 7th, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a Death Metal band from Santiago, I just came across them and they started out back in 2018 and this was actually released last year but the band has made it available worldwide till now and is a must hear.

But anyhow lets get to what this has to deliver, It opens up with a J.S. Bach composition but then the band comes in and you can hear they have a great sound to them as it is short and a taste of what they have to deliver as Desperate Search comes in and what I first noticed was the bass could be heard and it kills the vocals are your typical Chilean metal tone vocals which I love as they have they’re own feel to them and the breaks come in with such a mystical lead that then blends into this crushing sound that will just grab you, I have no way to explain how good this is that you need to listen to it.

G.E.B. (Genetically Engineered Bacteria) is next and all I will say is this track slays as there is no holding back here this composition is so well written makes this young band look like pros, it has every element that a good track has to offer I was fucking amazed on how good this is, it took me back to the old days that’s how good it is.

And onto The Great Filter and you think things would let up, hell no! this even beyond a blistering track with so much impaled into it I was floored by this one, fuck it will destroy you as it gets right to the point I fucking love it! and to the closer Boötes Void – Worthy Acts of Hate which is actually two track together and the opening is so mystical I would say but I love it as it comes in with the right attitude but man you just got to love what the band is doing here as this gets heavy as it goes along, it just grabs you a so righteous sound that they deliver as it has all that old school vibe to it, It has everything you could want an excellent way to end this.

In closing this band has everything that anybody into this kind of music would love, one of the best up and coming bands I have heard this year a must!

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Hexen Hammer – Hexen Hammer (2019)

Hexen Hammer
Release date: March 11th, 2019
Label: Independent

I been wanting to do a review for this band for awhile now as they have a sound that reminds me of dirty bands like Gehennah, Intoxicate, Chainsaw etc. But with their own twisted feel to it as they are Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal and this EP has some heavy duty skull crushing shit on it.

Six tracks on this EP and it opens up with some slut being pounded on the title track Hexen Hammer as the intro but done quick as the track comes in and as soon as you hear it you know what to expect from the band as it goes along, it has that feeling I mentioned at the start but midway through it really turns it up a notch as it gets fucking heavy as fuck and it comes down back to its original heaviness but its a great opener to this.

The next track Nos comeremos a sus niños is something the band had previously released and here it sounds better than the demo version a sick crushing track as it simply pounds and just a reminder the vocals are sick just perfect and the added lead on here makes this even better so be prepared as it ends and goes right into Manifestación de odio, and here there is no letting up as these maniacs are out to slaughter your ass with a bit more flare here, and the drums really standout here pure kill! and the lead oh my what a delight, this one will have your blood flowing no doubt.

Siete plagas has no letting down either as it has some killer crunchy riffing installed in here that will keep the listener tuned in and again it has some ripping leads that really made the highlight of this one and now Retardofilia and this one just comes straight out to annihilate you straight out onslaught on your ass, no fucking around on this one as everything on here is in for the kill! one of the best tracks on here with out a doubt.

As we near the end Supremacía carnivora comes in and again the band has no letting down, the speed on the guitar just blows me away as this has a superb drive to it, even with the midway break down this one is up there as one of the best, so now to the closer Larvas and yeah a great way to end this EP as you can hear everybody is going off at full tilt, the band knew how to organize the track list for sure as this was a great closer.

I definitely recommend checking this out as this band does what they do in the best way imaginable, they have physical copies so contact them on Facebook.

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Somnvs Mortis – El Advenimiento de las Pesadillas Perpetuas (2019)

Somnvs Mortis
Release date: July 13th, 2019
Label: Darkness & Evil Records

I should have wrote this review ages ago, but I suppose it’s never too late for some shameless self promotion, since this was the first release of a new label I started last year to help promote some interesting projects.

But let’s talk about what matters here, wich is the band and their music. El Advenimiento de las Pesadillas Perpetuas is the first official release of Somnvs Mortis, a side project of EV (who plays guitars in the killer Death Metal band Exanimatvm) and Hermes (drummer of another very prolific local Death Metal band called Infernal Doom) with JV on vocal duties. They play some straight forward Black Metal, influenced by the classic scandinavian acts of the early 90’s. Nothing new, you might think, but this guys really know what they are doing, and their work has quality enough to not be dismissed as the 666th clone of Mayhem that ever walked the earth.

Cayendo en el Sueño Morturio serves as the intro for the EP, and immediatelly you get suck into it’s ominous atmosphere and as the track unfolds you get the feeling that something dark and sinister is coming. And yes, from the start of Somnvs Mortis you will notice some somber and hypnotic riffs, and a lot of diversity on Hermes’ drumming. The guy is quite a resourceful drummer and not just a blast beat machine. And JV’s vocals might not leave you in shock & awe, but his style fits the music very well as he describes the horrors produced by Ayayema, the entity that haunted the Selk’nam people in their dreams. Another important thing is that even when this track is quite long (08:34) it doesn’t get boring or monotonous at all.

Donde Yace lo Inconcebible starts with a faster pace, and the bass has a lot more presence here. The song is basically divided in three parts, starting with high intensity and a frantic pace, then the middle section is darker and slower, and then after a great rythm change the final part ends on a high again. After that, the tranquillity of the outro Sombrías Visiones Oníricas will help you recover from the head pounding that you have been withstanding for the previous 15 minutes.

To wrap things up, Somnvs Mortis crafted a great debut cimented on some very good songwriting, good riffs, great drumming and an overall powerful and sombre atmosphere. And yes, I’m bias, but don’t take my word for it, go and listen to this for yourself and make your own opinion. And if you happen to like this, then go get a copy of the re-release that Oratorium Records put out recently. This new version includes a great cover of Funeral Fog as bonus track, so act fast, before it’s sold out again.

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Ominous – Promo MMXIX (2019)

Release date: August 25th, 2019
Label: Independent

Here we have this new Death Metal band that released this two track demo last year and I just discovered them and this demo is a gem, both tracks took me back to the heyday of Death, this one of those releases that grab you by the balls the first time you hear it.

From the beginning of Paralysis this has old school written all over it! this is some killer shit it has all those great elements from the Swedish scene in graved into it and I Should be Dead, packs a hell of a punch this storms out with an intent to kill it just goes after you and the vocals on here are just perfect, the breakdown brings this killer lead that keeps you glued and then it burst into oblivion you can hear the drumming is pounding on here as it leaves you floored, this is a demo you seriously need to hear if you take your Death Metal seriously as this will crush you.

You can get this for free on Bandcamp and I hope they release something new soon this is something to look forward to.

Teogonia – Invierno (2020)

Release date: March 10th, 2020
Label: La Caliya Project

Teogonia is a band I have been following since the beginning they are Death Crust/ Metal Punk band and if you like extreme shit this is something you should hear as they have their own style to things and I was thrilled to see some new material from them.

It starts out with an extract from the film “The Monster Club” in the Spanish version which is quite long as it leads into Warthrone and its short and sweet as you can hear the band and what sound they have to deliver, to me it has a lot to offer as it doesn’t sound like a lot bands that use this genre to they’re name, here I hear all kind of goods.

One thing I’ll say they switch languages on here on some tracks you get English and others Spanish, like the first was English but the next one is in Spanish, Enemigo Absoluto is an all out kill to pigs in this world and the killer bass line gives this track a more punk feel but I liked the part he says “All the world detest the police” in different languages that really sunk well for me as I hate them fucking pigs!

The Art of Revolt, more straight to the point shit! as this track just soars in with an all out assault and a killer lead that will grab you even more and the final lyrics are right on to what its all about, excellent!
Interludio is a short acoustic guitar instrumental that fits in well and leads into These Choirs are the Truth and by the title you can understand what is going on here but this track has a different feel to it compared to the earlier, yes its heavy but with a whole different feel to it you need to hear to understand, as the closer Las Ratas en las Paredes is an absolute spike into Christianity which is fine by me and the track is an absolute scorcher heavy as hell it is a superb way of ending this.

It’s great to hear this band out with some new material if you dig extreme music check this out as like I mentioned earlier it has its own flare to it, I highly recommend you give this a listen, the band has it down for a free DL on their Bandcamp page.

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